About Me

Dear Reader,


I have always loved writing. I have written a spiritual devotional book, Dry Bones Livin’ (available on Amazon), I have written for many blogs and magazines. My dream has always been to make a living in the world of pen and paper, and I am in the process of taking that dream full-time.

A return to the simple, learning to remember the important things in life… that’s the point of my blog. You will see it reflected in posts about how to handle finances and a side job, in posts about focusing on minimizing stress and in writings about living a simple balanced life. I challenge you to return to the un-chaotic life with me. It will take some work for all of us, the stories always say that grownups forget to easily and struggle to recall the simple things of life. But, for me, it is a struggle I have to take, I am on the edge of peace and don’t want to go back to a lifeless, colorless, duty filled, stress-killing life…

I pray that you are blessed and inspired through my writing and that this blog becomes an agent of living freely in faith, peace, gratitude and simplicity.

Lydia Y-S.

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