15 Jobs in Less Than 12 Years… But, WHY?



“How many jobs have you held in your life?” Everyone I have asked this is on one extreme or the other. Either they only had a few jobs in their lifetime or they were changing jobs every few months like I have done. Here is the short list of jobs I have held – teacher, English/Math tutor, copywriter, cancer researcher, marketing coordinator, barista, waitress, customer service at a bookstore, cashier at a university cafe, after school helper, preschool aid, fitness center front desk help, administrator assistant, claims investigator, courier driver, author, ride share driver, flower and ‘fruit basket’ deliverer, direct sales distributor, summer camp organizer and blogger.

I knew I oversaw my destiny…

…when I started my first job with the decision to move if I got to the point of hating what I was doing. I am not flaky or irresponsible for not being 10 years into a career I hate. If you love your job and have been there for a while, I truly admire you! But,

 “No one can guarantee you lifelong employment. Your job security is not something your employer controls anymore. You control it. You build your own marketability and then you carry it around with you…” – Forbes Magazine

I move jobs so I don’t become stagnant. If I am no longer seeking self improvement, this is when it is time to move on. Boredom equals lower quality. Apathy sets in and I no longer care. Apathy is feeling that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, I hate it! I never want to feel the feeling of being dead inside again, so I push myself to challenge my limits.  

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What I do want to feel is joy and gratitude. Now, one secret I have found to enjoying life is remembering that every job and every day is going to have rough moments. I don’t leave a job because of being upset or having a bad day. I chose to have joy in every situation. I always look for what is good. Life is hard enough, without adding extra negativity to it! Besides, I have found life works out, miracles and opportunities open up when I am grateful and positive about what I have going for me.

In other words… I must stay balanced between restlessness and passion to move. I will give life my all and then some! When I push myself to succeed, I do! Where I work, I work hard! When I am happy, I am happy! Growth and enjoying life are both natural to me! As long as I am focused on finding balance between them both, my life is a wonderful journey. It should be for you too! Let’s move from afraid of change into creating a journey that we want to be on.  

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