15 Reasons You Should Join The #SideHustle Game

15 Reasons You Need To Start A Side Hustle Okay, I get it – you don’t have time, it may not work out, it is hard to start out, and you don’t know what to do (fix THAT issue by reading my previous blogs part 1, part 2 and part 3 for 80+ suggestions on gigs/side hustles to get started with).

I strongly believe that you SHOULD get a side hustle. Just today, I was telling my husband how blessed we are that we get to do hustle and gig work. As we talked, we came up with  OUR top 15 reasons we love the side hustle life –

  1. It gives for some fun stories. Let me tell you about the weirdo I delivered flowers to one time…
  2. It gives you something to talk about when you have to answer the dreaded ‘tell us something interesting about yourself’ question. Enough said.
  3. It makes you an expert in a lot of different areas. Don’t like to eat at a certain restaurant? Now, your side hustling of writing reviews just gave you a good excuse to be a snob.side-hustling291982319.jpg
  4. You are always learning. As you perfect a side hustle or work a couple at a time, you get the chance to keep growing and learning.
  5. You can work odd hours. You can do it around another job, while kids sleep, on the weekend or even seasonal. You pick.Part 1 of side hustle recommendations
  6. You get to meet interesting people outside of your normal circle. Take the time to engage with the people you interact with in your side hustle job, and it makes it even more interesting.
  7. It gives you something to do. Everyone needs a hobby that doesn’t involve drinking and bars… why not have a hobby you get paid for?
  8. You can set your hours. 2 hours this week due to vacation and 30 next when you get back? Awesome!
  9. It brings in extra income. Yes, that’s the main point of a side hustle.Welcome to the hustle
  10. You always have a back up… or a back up to your back up. I’ve been in the hospital for the last week, my husband’s reply to “I am not bringing in money?” – I got this, cause I am going to work a side job. No stress, or worry, just assurance and the money in the bank again.
  11. It’s fun. As long as you are enjoying getting to do what others haven’t gotten to do, it’s fun! Keep a good attitude and truly enjoy it.
  12. It’s freedom from a fixed income… which is any income that you can’t increase or change as you want. In other words – a fixed income is most likely your 9-to-5 job. We gained freedom when we pick up side jobs.Side hustle reasons - work for your priorities
  13. It allows you to focus on priorities. Staying home with kids? Saving for a vacation? Trying to get out of debt? Trying to start a business? Working side gigs gives you the freedom to focus on what matters to you.Side hustles for stay at home moms and dads
  14. You get to decide the amount of your paycheck. Not the get rich scheme, but the tried and true “Hustlers make the money” idea.
  15. It has potential to grow to a full time income. A side job with an ice cream truck after work hours can eventually become a franchise of food trucks or a famous ice cream store.

I know there are drawbacks to working for yourself (our main 3 drawbacks – no health insurance, inconsistent pay and no vacation days, but there ARE ways to work with these drawbacks, I’ll write on that another time!). However, overall, getting extra income on your own schedule has very little drawbacks. So I want to hear from you – what is YOUR top reason for joining us and becoming a #sidehustler?


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16 thoughts on “15 Reasons You Should Join The #SideHustle Game

  1. You’re right. My main excuse was I don’t have time. Then I started paying attention to all the ridiculous amount of time I spent doing 360 degrees worth of nothing…

    I will be checking out your recommendations. Thank you!

  2. These are some really nice suggestions. With work, household chores and kids, it seems like I’ve too much on my plate but let me try some of your ideas. Thanks a lot.

  3. Great inspiration! A couple of years ago, I had finally trusted and became a full-time mom…three months later, my husband was laid off, and we lost our only income. Never again will that happen…I have always loved writing my own paycheck, and the lure of never being caught blindsided again is calming. Do side hustles that you love, and it’s not work. For example, I use the degree I earned to do HR consulting when I’m approached, and I double paintings and other crafts I’m already making for someone or my own home, and sell the duplicate while the idea is fresh. I blog about being a mom, a sort of therapy, and make a small income by sharing things that are already important to me. Just make it important, and then it’s not “more work”…after being a mother all day in serving everyone else, having my nose to the grindstone just isn’t living. I’m not out to make huge dollar amounts, but it’s nice to know that we can always have gas and groceries, if disaster comes again. Thanks for the great post!

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