40 MORE Side Incomes To Invest In (and Grow Into a REAL Business!)


This is the last in my series about side hustles and second incomes. My personal opinion is that everyone should have a side hustle, it’s kinda like a hobby… but you get paid for it! In this series, we have already given well over 50 options for side hustles and second incomes (check out part 1 here), but now let’s look for extra income jobs for people who Have the money and desire to invest in a side hustle turned career/business.

I intentionally left these options until after the holidays, and here is why – these last recommendations require more investment, most require both time and money, and it wouldn’t have bought you a return very quickly. I genuinely feel that side hustles should be from what you HAVE ON HAND, be it a car, a computer, a room to rent or time to babysit, there really should be a minimal start up fee, if any! However, it would be a mistake and discredit to YOU to dismiss these 40+ options completely, because they can all be started as you are working another job or on your schedule.

Sooo are you ready for a side hustle that can turn into a career or business? Let’s get started with my recommendations.

Vocational training is an amazing way to get started in a new career where you are your own boss, but still able to work under someone else (less overhead costs). It will cost some money up front and usually involves a few months of training, but it gets you a new direction and usually a good job. You can find information on these at technician schools or at your local community college. Vocational training can include the following jobs –

  • vocational training helps you get the job and career you always wanted.Cosmetology (nail tech or hair stylist)
  • Barber
  • CNA
  • Phlebotomy
  • Car mechanic (several options within this one)
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Massage therapist
  • Tax consultant/preparer

The next category is for people who have started a side income with the desire and commitment to scale it to full time business. This takes commitment, investing money and energy, really more energy than money for most small business start ups. Before you start your business, make sure you are focusing on something you love, something that is sell-able and something that you won’t lose your passion for. Some side incomes that make for good full-time businesses are –

  • Computer/web programmer
  • Direct sales
  • CPR instructor
  • Insurance agent
  • Tax prepper
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
  • Real Estate
  • Wedding Coordinator

The path to sucess may not be straight, but you will get there

Lastly, is the group of people who started out as side hustlers and want to scale it up to make a full time income. You probably already bought everything for your start up costs. The biggest thing here is that you start where you are by word of mouth advertisement and build your business through referrals. It may be slower going, but you will be satisfied that your passion is bringing home your paycheck and you are working on your terms.

  • Photography
  • CPR instructor (LOVE THIS ONE!)
  • Lawn Care
  • Music Lessons
  • Blogging
  • Network marketing
  • House cleaning services
  • Owning a food truck or catering business
  • Computer/web programmer

Need even more options? Check out the second blog I wrote on side hustles here!

There are so, so many more options for side work and second incomes. I haven’t even found a category for jobs like virtual assistant, making home cooked goods, selling crafts (Etsy!) tutoring, helping with resumes, wedding/funeral officiator, cake decorating, mobile pet cleaning, keeping books, mobile car wash, sewing for people, party blow-up bouncy houses, interior decorator, home nursing, copywriter or cab driver. Most of the options I have listed in this series my husband and I have tried out. Get this – ALL of these are recommendations from friends and family who have tried them and turned them into a single side hustle or a full time income. Yes, every single one.

To be successful with hustle turned business, it takes alot of work, but if you love your business idea, it is completely worth it! However, don’t go into it disillusioned and expect your millions in the first month. To be successful, to scale it to a real business – you need

  1. Determination not to quit or speak negatively (exhaustion WILL set in!)
  2. Money to make the investment (make sure it is not from your regular budget, save it up or hustle for it!)
  3. Time to get it up and running (9 months to 2 years AFTER any required training/schooling)
  4. Personal development, books, webinars, mentors (never stop learning!)
  5. A way to bring in an income while you are getting your ‘true’ business running (need ideas? – check out these side hustles as some options).

Quotes on success by Jim RohnSo there you have it – lots of options you can turn into a full time business. I gave you 40+ options in this blog alone on ways to scale up your side hustle game, with another 50-60 options in the other blogs. Your personal finances and your future can NOW start to see a change, IF you are willing to make some changes and try a side hustle or two. See, you no longer have an excuse of not having options. You are not a victim to your circumstances anymore. You have been empowered with options, and you are either choosing to stay where you are or you are choosing to try a side hustle. Once you do that, the opportunities you are presented will increase. Consider them, think about them, but decide on at least one of the options (or all of them!) so that you can change your current situation. Always remember to stay grateful and humble, but never stop trying new gigs and jobs as you get the chance. Who knows – maybe you will decide you like it and become a full time professional gigger like my husband and I.
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