5 Powerful Attitudes To Get Money Breakthroughs…

It’s not the past that defines us; what defines is how we strive to put the past behind us. If you are in a financially messy state (really, who isn’t?), then it’s tempting to lament the decisions that lead you to that position. But really, what does that get you? You’ll be in a looping guilt trip, and all the while, you will be doing nothing to ensure you’re able to move toward reaching your financial goals. Let’s look to creating change instead. It’s much better to adopt a can-do mindset, and tackle any issues head-on. Here’s how you do it.

#1 – Have an attitude of… Courage!

Courage, the willingness to face something difficult,  is something that you might need when dealing with your finances.  For us, it was really hard to actually sit down and look at the mess we were in.Courage is especially needed if you’ve been running from the truth for a while. Before you know where you’re going, you’ll need to know where you are, and that means taking a look at your financial landscape. Dig out all your financial records, compare them with your income, and get the reality of the situation. It might look terrible (check out this blog showing how terrible we were when we started out); but then, again, it might not be as bad as first feared. It doesn’t matter – you’ll have taken the first and most important step – you got started again!

#2 – Have an attitude of… Action!

If you’ve got some financial problems, then it might seem tempting to bury your head in the sand, but that won’t achieve anything!

Keep in mind that there are no financial situations that cannot be overcome.

It’s just about taking action. Learn how to get out of debt, draw up a new budget, or work to increase your income; Be willing to do whatever it takes to improve the picture of your finances. When you’re presented with a problem in life, there are two options: let it consume you, or overcome it. Make sure you’re taking the “overcome” option.

#3 – Have an attitude of … Positivity!

There’s a powerful reason why people hate budgeting don’t want to get their finances in order: they think they’re going to be missing out on things. In the back of our minds, we all believe that we are going to have to cut out things and change our lifestyle significantly, and that life will no longer be fun. Now, it is certainly true that we may have to change our lifestyle, but focusing on what we are losing is not an “overcome” attitude. But this is the wrong approach. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE! Don’t think about what you’re giving up on, think about what you’re gaining. You’ll be gaining peace of mind, well-rested nights, and the confidence that comes from overcoming hurdles in life. You will live a life of freedom and peace as you tell your money what to do. Heck, you may even get to the point where you get to have a good sized ‘fun-budget’ every month! These are all things we want – go get them!

#4 – Have an attitude of … Consistency!

We’re a reflection of our habits. To get your finances in order, you need to cultivate habits that will lead to a sound financial landscape. These can seem annoying at first, but after a couple of weeks (or maybe months, which is what it took in our case), new habits can quickly become ingrained in us that we don’t even think twice about them. In the beginning, find ways to consistently make small choices, such as automatically putting a percentage of your income into a savings account or cutting down expensive meals or entertainment down to 1-2 times a month or decreasing food budget by $100 a month or whatever else. The goal is to be consistent, not to make huge changes all at once.
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#5 – Have an attitude of … Gratitude! 

One of the biggest barriers towards financial freedom is our tendency to compare with other people! We compare lifestyles, schedules, income, debt, bills, vacations and savings. When you have contentment, you aren’t looking at everyone else’s stuff, income or anything. Don’t worry about what they’re doing. Do your own thing – it’s your life, after all. As you shift your focus from everyone else to the focus of reaching your own goals, you will see your finances start to shift toward overcoming and overly abundant.

Making financial changes is easier than you think... #money #attitudes #budgeting #easyfixesAs you can see, we have been there too. It is hard, it isn’t fun, and we all just wish we could have this quote happen to us –>

But we all know it isn’t going to happen that way. The financial changes we need will be a long journey, but these attitude shifts will make it easier and will speed up the journey as your attitude shifts your energy from victim and struggling into overcoming and blessed. Hey I love hearing from you – In the comments, let me know which attitude change you are committing to making this week!

Making financial changes is easier than you think... #money #attitudes #budgeting #easyfixes

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These 5 attitudes will help your finances and money be on track #money #budgeting #attitudes #easychanges

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