5 Easy Ideas To Master A Healthy Lifestyle…

As a new direction for my blog, we are starting to talk about simplifying our lives. So, this week, in connection with a Facebook event I am doing, we are talking about ways to simplify our health. I am not a gym person, I get really intimidated by it! Seriously, like, curled up in a ball in the corner, completely overwhelmed by seeing so many gym enthusiast in one location. All I am trying to do is take little steps, and I don’t want to feel that my little efforts are not enough. Is anyone else like this or am I the only one? BUT, here’s the the thing – I do know that my health is important to decreasing stress and maintaining focus. So how do I keep a calm mindset about my health?

Here are some of the things I do to keep myself healthy (while avoiding the stressful gym)…

Drink Your Water…

water-humorWater is vital to our health, and dehydration leads to many problems. For instance, water removes toxins/waste products, keeps the body running smoothly, slows down the aging process, and can even repair, tighten and prevent skin breakouts. These amazing cleansing, healing and rejuvenate effects of water is probably why the Bible continually compares God’s Word as water to our souls. We must have both to maintain our spiritual and physical health.

Eat Your Fruit! Top 10 health benefits of fruits

I don’t mean that you should only eat fruit (okay, I could do that, but maybe you can’t), but we ALL know that fruit and veggies have all our vitamins and nutrients that we need for staying healthy, strong and vibrant. Fruit with natural fats or vitamin A+E’s help the most with healing and regenerating your skin and preventing aging.

Take a Nap!

Adulting is hard! Why do we always insist on getting less and less sleep? God commands us to rest, and maybe it’s because we don’t do it nearly enough! God found rest so important that He told us to take 1 day every week off and just rest. Rest decreases stress, allows us to find our focus again, while actual sleep allows the body to heal itself and take care of infections and immune compromises.


Work With Your Individual Starting Point!

I have always wondered why we seem to take a standardized approach to health, when we each have individual starting points and what we need. For instance, I am person who loves to run, but most of the time, I choose to do stairs at work instead. Hey, if you are going to work on the 13th floor, make it worth it, right? Okay, for the record, I only do 2 flights… going down, never up… but hey it’s a start, right? It works with energy levels right now and I can do it at work, so I can do other things when I get home.

Take Care of Your Skin!

Your skin can be a huge indicator of how healthy your body is. My personal believe and experience is that your skin takes only a little time to take care of, but it can also prevent or causes diseases. Do you have wrinkles or sun spots? These are signs of aging, but with proper moisturizer, sunscreen and vitamins you can prevent cancer, inflammation, infections. Everyone has a brand they love, and I love Mary Kay products. If you are interested, here is the link to try them yourself (I suggest starting with the 3-in-1 cleanser and moisturizer w/ SPF) https://www.marykay.com/lydias/en-us/products/skincare/collection/timewise.

Lastly… Be YOURSELF and Be POSITIVE!!!

God only made one of you! It wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t so you can be someone else. I know… what does this have to do with health? A LOT! How you see yourself will be reflected in how you talk to yourself. Your words and thoughts to yourself will shape what you are willing to conquer, when you will give up and what you will do when you aren’t happy… yes, it affects your health! Your attitude toward yourself can make or break your health! So become okay with being you!

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I really believe these things can have a great impact on your daily and long term health. I hope this helps you a little on your journey, so let me know – which one thing are you going to focus on this week?

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