Learning to Stay Calm and Focused In The Moment

I was supposed to write this blog about chore time management, but the night was so lovely, I just couldn’t. I began to feel a pressure between my to-do list and the chance to enjoy the wind in my hair.

The moon was only a sliver, the fireflies were shining bright and beautiful. The wind was picking up the dust just enough to give a haze to the night, it felt like dreams and magic. Who wants to write about chores when you can grab a cup of coffee and hang out on the porch swing all night enjoying nature and family? But, I did the responsible thing and went inside to write. However, as I started to write, my baby got fussy for an hour or two, and I again felt stressed as I tried to feed him while thinking about not writing this boring topic of a blog. At the same time, Henry turned on a movie that was one of the first we watched together. The movie, “50 First Dates,” is one of our favorites and I had been asking to watch it. But, instead of watching it, I told him I was writing. It took a while but soon I realized using my expectation of today’s blog to keep me away from enjoying life and from being in the moment with my family. I knew I needed to stop and refocus on what is important – my family and the small things that bring me joy, like the wind in my air or clear, starry night.

What can we do to bring us back into enjoying the moments and growing our relationships? Here are some ideas –

Put It Away: Put away the computer, the phone, the TV, even put away the chores. People are always more important than technology.

#quotes #inspiring #peace #calm #beauty #balance #mindfulnessBlock Out Time: Schedule busy/work time and schedule quiet, relaxing time. You need balance so that you can enjoy the life you are living.

Notice Your Senses: Stop and list what you can see, smell, touch, feel and taste in that moment.

Find Beauty: A flower, a laugh, a smile, the wind. Notice the surrounding beauty.

Change Your Routine: Get out of your habits, so your brain is forced to think about what you are doing.

Be Grateful: What can you find today to be grateful for? Little or big, it will help you stay focused on what matters instead of finding ways to create stress for yourself.

#quotes #inspiring #peace #calm #beauty #balance #mindfulnessTake a Deep Breath: A deep, deep breath that fills your full lungs. Close your eyes and feel the breath entering your lungs and spreading throughout your body, allowing your body to relax.

Focus On The People: Notice how the people around you are feeling, what their eyes are saying, if they need a hug or a coffee or a nap, pour yourself into creating love and peace with those who are important to you.

Decrease Stimuli: Turn off lights and noise, go to a quiet room and lay down with your eyes closed. Let your mind come to rest.

Journal: Let stress and worry seep away when you are journaling, which is a good way to keep your mind clear of clutter.

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#quotes #nature #wal #inspiring #peace #calm #beauty #balance #mindfulnessCount Backwards From 10 to 1: This gets your brain out of overwhelmed/stressed out/anxiety state and forces your brain to reactivate your thinking, so you can handle what is happening.

Meditate: Meditation helps you calm down and focus. It gets you out of reactive state and into a state where your brain can respond.

Spend Time In Nature: Go for a quick walk to get fresh air and to get the blood circulating again. It will help your brain turn back on and allow you to become more focused.

#balance #peace #mindfulness #relationship #focus #calm

There you have it, I know that this list is far from extensive, and I am in no way an expert. However, I do know what has worked for me, and everything that helps me refocus and remember my priorities is on this list. How about you? What did you do today to keep you focused on your priorities and living in the moment?

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  1. These are great tips that can be used everyday! I find that you can even combine them, not only journal and then practice gratitude… but make your journal a gratitude journal where you write down all the things that you are thankful for. **Bonus points** write the gratitude journal in nature while taking in a deep breath of fresh air. 😉

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