Heart Talk – Craving Daily Peace and Gratitude…


Stress. Fatigue. Restlessness. Sickness. Fear. When I am feeling and dealing with these things, it is usually because I am not experiencing peace and gratitude in my life. Let’s talk about how I’m working on changing that.

Peace. It’s not the yoga or the blind faith. It’s the calm within a storm, a strength in hopeless situation. It is an anchor, and a sail at the same time. I find peace when I let go. When I let go of expectations of how I need to be busy all the time. It’s letting go of TV in exchange for reading. It’s a deep breath to let go of frustration instead of finding something to fly off the handle about. Peace. It matters. Pursue it and don’t let it go.

Inner peace
Don’t allow emotions to control you

Gratitude. Have you not realized the difference gratitude makes in your life? Gratitude brings positivity and miracles into our lives. Gratitude. It isn’t silly joy or ridiculous giddiness. It is recognizing the position you are in compared to where you could be or where you used to be at. Think of everything that has gone right. Gratitude changes clouds to beautiful thunderstorms and blown tires into divine appointments for a new friendship. Find the good. Enjoy the day. Be grateful for big and small things, everyday and every moment.

thankfulness makes miracles
Gratitude makes a difference

Ready for the heart to heart? Admit it – you struggle with these things too, don’t you? Like me, you know peace and gratitude makes a difference and you are craving it. But, how do we go from craving to LIVING IT?

It’s very simple. Focus on it. Don’t fcous on not good enough, focus on adding more peace and gratitude. Just like adding greens and fruits to your diet, just focus on adding it in. Add in peace and add in gratitude. Just keep making little moment differences, and it will add up to an amazing life that you will love! That’s how I am working on this, and this is my heart to your heart – I hope you take it to heart and see the change for yourself!! 🙂


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