Here Is How NOT To Cut Corners On A Budget

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Most of our blogs on budgeting is about savings and cutting costs. But SOMETIMES being frugal becomes a mindset that gets us stuck in a cycle money saving efforts that greatly increases our stress. Instead of focusing on budgeting, let’s take a breath and laugh at ourselves . Are you ready? Here are some of our “not best budgeting ideas” that we need to laugh about…

#1 – Not Keeping The House Up.

#quote #stress #circumstances #attitude #finance #budgeting #budgetWe went 3 years without changing the light bulbs, my husband just bought lamps instead (don’t judge!). This was fine with me, until I hit 7 months pregnant and I was whining to my sister about the light bulbs all being out. She gave me the look you are thinking and totally got onto me for not changing them it. Yep, all it took was asking hubby, and he went and got the $5-10 worth of light bulbs and fixed that issue. Another one – change the air filters. Okay, NOW you can judge. I’ll not expound on that, but you get it. Change your air filters, it will help your breathing, your electric bill, ect. Change the light bulbs, decrease headaches and random whining. And it is only a few dollars a month.

#2 – Skimping on Cleaning Supplies.

Stop using cheap dish soap, buy the quality stuff like Palmolive. Or refusing to get a scraper. Or a new mop  or duster as needed. Sometimes ‘budget’ needs to take a small backseat. When it comes to making household chores easier, don’t skimp. $2 more for a good quality, degreaser, smelling good dishwasher soap, or $3 more for quality laundry soap that actually cleans the smell out of the clothes. It’s worth it.

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#3 – Not Knowing When To Buy In Bulk.

Some things need to bought in bulk. Frozen vegetables, toilet paper, coffee and laundry soap are great examples that tend to be cheaper in bulk. However, on the flip side, sometimes shopping in bulk makes you use up a month’s budget in 1 week. So balance the cheaper with what you really can afford at the moment. Maybe set a ‘bulk budget’ each month and stagger what you buy in bulk, so you don’t get too many packages of toilet paper.

#4 – Cutting Out Toiletries

#quotes #funnny #toiletpaper #flushingmoney #finances #budgetingApparently, our budget communication breaks down when it comes to what is bought for the bathrooms. I ALWAYS feel that toilet paper is a waste of money. I mean, literally flushing it down the toilet…. Hahahahaha… and my husband rolls his eyes and goes and buys it for us. This one is really from him. However, on the flip side – concerning saving money by not flushing the toilet, I am completely against that… it is NOT the best way to save money. Also, I struggle with using baking soda instead of toothpaste, I just like Colgate. My husband uses baking soda or the fancy toothpaste that is all natural. Don’t fight over toothpaste and toilet paper,  it’s not that expensive.

#5 – Really Bad 1st Time Parenting Suggestions.

For the record, my husband is against this, so don’t blame him. Or my sisters, they all told me this is not the best way to save money. Everyone really has said it, so I’m putting it here just in case anyone has thought of it. Here it is – 3 dogs and newborn baby… Don’t forgo the diapers, clothes and bibs, even if you think the dogs will clean up the baby as often as needed. Okay, moving on, hahaha…

Laughing at yourself is one way to help your attitude about budgeting, but check out this blog for more attitude helps…

#stress #attitude #quality #quotes #finances #personal #budgeting #budget #coffee#6 – Cheap Food Budgeting Fixes.

Pasta sauce in a tin can vs glass jar. Canned beans vs fresh beans. Frozen veggies vs fresh veggies. Frozen pizza vs Pizza Hut. Healthy bread vs cheap bread. Do you get the idea? You can save the food budget by making meals that include staple items or items on sale. Quality (and flavor) needs to take the precedence over saving a few dollars.





So there you have it. When we started focusing on peace in our budget, we realized these silly things were not worth it. The same thing for you – Your budget should be bringing you peace of mind. Do you have any silly things you have tried to save money on and realized it MAY not have been worth the effort?

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