How To Strengthen And Deepen Your Relationships…

It sounds a little odd to say I am learning how to have deep and valuable relationships from business principles, but hear me out on this one.

But it’s true, I have been applying how I run my business to my relationships and I think that these 4 principles from the business world will make all of your relationships stronger with significant greater longevity.

1) Always Give A Little Extra

Have you ever heard of a baker’s dozen? This is when a bakery gives 13 donuts for the price of 12 donuts. In relationships, you should always be the party giving more value rather than skimming on the value you present. Don’t be the person expecting others to pay for you or for people to be understanding when you blow them off or always being the late one or not bringing food to the potluck. Make the extra effort to add value to your relationships. Quote on friendship -

However, I need a tune up in the quality that I am providing to others. Let’s see – when did I put in extra effort in chores? When did I last make a special dinner for my husband? When did I last check on friends just because I missed them? When did I bring someone food or arrive on time just because that is who I am?

It is very easy to add value, just stay focused on going above and beyond expectations. Oh, and don’t do anything expecting it to be returned, you will get bitter and angry if you do that. Do more… because it is who YOU are.

2) Stop Being An Outspoken Expert.

I have heard people in business say, “This is what you want, I know best for you.” Yep, I walk away from that person and whatever they are selling. Oh, and I do the same thing to friends too. I don’t want to spend time with someone who knows everything and tells me what to do instead of listening to what I am saying about my life.

QUotes on friendships - Seriously, nothing is more irritating than a person who continually is controlling and giving advice. These people tend to come across as overbearing and rude. Don’t be that person. Let people ask for your advice before you give your opinion. If you want to tell people what do without them asking for your advice, write a blob, just don’t bug your friends).

3) Be Considerate!

In business, we are always reminded to take your audience into consideration, otherwise it is assumed that are more concerned about your business’ profits of the customer’s needs. In the same way, relationships only work when both parties are considerate of the other person’s needs.

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Start by actually ask others about their lives and what is happening for them. Ask and listen. Remember the details that they are telling you. Second, manage your time. Don’t be late, don’t cancel unless necessary and don’t agree to do something unless you really want to do it. Seriously, schedule extra time in if you think you will be running late or if you are always claim to be too busy.

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QUote on friendship - Friends stick together no matter what4) Solve A Problem

#1 rule of making a sell – if the person you are talking to doesn’t see the problem your product is solving, you won’t make convience them to buy. Case in point – I know someone who is selling whitening toothpaste and another person selling essential oils to help people go chemical free. Both of these ladies are solving problems, but they aren’t solving MY problems, because I could care less about these 2 problems. Therefore, their business is useless to me.

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See, in the same way, relationships are about connecting, having a connection with someone is usually the problem we solve for each other. If you can’t connect with someone and what they need in a friendship, your relationship probably won’t last very long. It will end up being one-sided, all give and no take.

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So, there you have it, 4 simple ways to improve your relationships using the professional skills you already have. Which one will you be working on this week?

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20 thoughts on “How To Strengthen And Deepen Your Relationships…

  1. agree with all 4 points. I try to do all of these on a regular basis. Advice is something I struggle with because I’m a natural problem solver. It doesn’t have to be necessarily be because you are controlling, you could just genuinely want to help!

  2. I totally agree, when people tell me they know more than me and they understand more than me, i instantly think really, you know me better. lol

  3. Great article. Many people struggle with keeping their relationships strong and healthy. It’s a challenging process but we all learn something in every way.

  4. Oooo, I love the idea about the baker’s dozen! So clever. I know a few people who are ‘an expert’ in things and wow, they drive me batty, ha! I think that’s why I’ve started practicing yoga 😉

    xo, Victoria

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