More Ways To Make Extra Income For The Holidays, part 2


Change your mindset on money, let's talk side incomes

As mentioned in my previous post, it is the time of year where most of us are feeling stressed with money and needing an extra little bit of side income. Since my husband and I have worked 40+ freelancing and gig type jobs, I am listing the best of the best that we have worked with.

Here are my top picks for someone who: needs a job from home, but does not want something that requires a lot of time.

1) Car Advertisements – One of my favorite passive incomes was when we got our vehicle wrapped by and got paid to drive around town. It was awesome! Sadly, this particular company only had the 1 campaign in Phoenix and never continued in our market. Another one I have heard of is, and it comes as one of the few car wrap companies recommended by as a legitimate way to get paid to drive around. I have recently put in an application to drive their advertisements, so I will let you know how that goes.

Quote from “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

2) Rent Your Car Out- This is a great idea if you live in the right market and IF you aren’t using your vehicle all the time. It is something I have thought about doing, but my husband isn’t so brave (maybe because my OWN driving record of totaling vehicles, I don’t know). Anyway, I have no actual experience here, but I like the idea, so if your significant other allows you to do it, send me a note on how well it works out for you. Here are 2 of the options available – and

3) Take Surveys – Okay, so truth be told… I didn’t stick to this the last time I tried it, I got bored. Each survey can take 5-15 minutes, and to see any really money from it, you need to commit to 10 hours at least a week to it. But it is a good way to make an income with minimal effort. Here are some good options to find out more about them –

4) AirBnB – Get this! You can rent your room, or an extra bedroom or an extra house out to people who are visiting your city. It is short term and is very user friendly. Here is their website – Also, if you are going on vacation, rent from someone instead of using a hotel, and help a family out while getting to stay somewhere fun.

40 ways to make a side income5) Renting a Room – A longer commitment than AirBnB, but you have someone helping you pay bills, cover the mortgage. This isn’t charity, meaning friends and family staying over while they are out of a job, this is a contracted housemating where rules are set down concerning kitchen, bathroom and living room, where rent is paid on time and both parties are working. is known as reputable website to help you find a good roommate.

6) Donating Plasma/Medical Studies – Donating plasma is allowed up to 2 times a week, if your blood levels are where they should be at, and it is paid. Check your local blood banks for more information on specifics. There are always medical studies you can also be paid for, one easy way to do this is from, you fill out a questionnaire, if you are matched you will need to provide additional proof and will get paid when you return the sample to the company. They provide everything you need. Another idea in this same category is donating eggs/sperm/tissues. Some are paid, some are not. Check into it carefully, but it may work for you.

7) Sell Stuff You Don’t Need – Yes, minimize your stuff, and you will end up with more money. Make sure you take quality photos and it is something that someone else will WANT to buy. Options for selling – Garage Sales, Ebay (, OfferUp App/FB Marketplace andAmazon Trade-In (for a guaranteed trade in value visit –

Trade your junk for Amazon gift cardsTake quality photos and make sure you price your items for your buyers, people pay differently on different platforms.Walk around your house with a notepad, write down anything you are no longer using and put it up for sell.


8) Direct Sells/Network Marketing – These do require an upfront start up cost, and really deserve a full blog to themselves. Direct sells and Network Marketing are 2 different things, but closely resemble each other. There are so many varieties in these categories that I can’t go over the benefits of each one. Here are some questions you need to answer prior to starting a direct sells or network marketing

1) What are you paying for in your start-up cost/monthly fee? Does it come with website/paypal fees included or are those separate?

2) If there is a monthly fee, are you buying something for yourself with it that you would normally pay for? For instance – gym membership, free shipping, ect?

3) Would you buy the products for yourself? The first reason direct sells works is if you would by it yourself AND you use it. But would you buy it every month at the price you are asking your customers to buy it for?

4) Is there a monthly/yearly minimum selling requirement? Will you be willing to get that minimum amount on your own if you were your only customer?

5) Are you happy with the idea of selling, being a salesperson, searching out new customers and using your time/energy for creating a business?

Now remember, quality time invested usually equals a greater outcome, so if you are looking a side job inconsistently or you do not want to invest the time needed, you will struggle to make a good income. Surveys can take 5-15 minutes to complete, but to make good money, you need to do 10 hours a week at it. Direct sells/network marketing may only take a Facebook post to get a sale, but to get repeat sales, you need to make sure you are following up, making quality posts and staying organized. You need quality photos for the other options. The more dedicated you are to your side gig, the more money you will make.

Also, be very aware of scams. This category is more of a passive income, so if it looks like ‘easy money,’ it may be a scam. If a company doesn’t explain how you make your money or they don’t clearly state what you are selling, research the company and make sure it isn’t a scam. And, also check on how your personal insurance vs the paying company insurance would work in case something happens to your car/house. However, as you can see, we have done many of these without getting into any scams. Be careful and be dedicated… and these options will do most of the work for you.

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    1. EBay is pretty good, just make surevyou take pictures before you send it and rate the quality a little lower (used instead of like new) to avoid potential scams of customers saying things weren’t in described condition or that you never sent it 🙂

  1. Ha! So ironic. I literally just signed up with decluttr and got cash for getting rid of old DVDs that have been sitting on my shelves for over 6 years! Thanks for these additional tips. I’ll have to look into these.

    1. Hi, Kamira! I’m intrigued by your mention of Decluttr. We have quite a few old books, DVDs, and CDs that we were thinking of donating somewhere but getting a little money for them sounds better. How was your experience with Decluttr? How easy was the process? Did you receive your money promptly?

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