Shaping Your Reputation

Attitude matters, don't be a victim

Everyone has something they want to be known by or to known for. It can be a personality trait, a health goal, how popular they are, the atmosphere they give off, or a career objective. If your objective, your deepest, truest goal, is your focus, you will began to aspire, to grow it to the point where people around you will see it and help you move toward your goal and your reputation will began to change too.


Sometimes, life doesn’t seem to be working out, and it is hard to understand why. It all comes down to our focus, especially our mental focus. See, emotions can make us feel like our focus should be something different that what our true desires are.

For example, it is so easy to say “I want to be known as a giving person,” but when it comes down to it, you are stressed and worried over finances and bills, so the only thing you energy you give out is that you don’t have enough money.

Or you say you want to run more marathons, but you never sign up and you always are too tired to get up early. How are you setting your reputation? How are you guiding your energy and the energy of those around you?

Let’s try another – you say your spouse is the most important thing to you, but you don’t cultivate your relationship or spend time together. How are you unconsciously shaping your reputation with your spouse?

Here’s another – you say you want out of debt and to live in minimalism but you can’t stand to get rid of excess.

Or you say the house is always messy and it stresses you out, but you aren’t taking the 10 minutes every night to straighten the house so your stress decreases. 

Don’t tell me your goals, show me your results.

Don’t say you want to be known as a giver, SHOW me you are a giver.

Don’t talk about how you want a different life, let us hear how you are creating it.

Don’t put out words and energy that don’t reflect your truest desires.

Don’t let passiveness decide your future!

It is counter-productive to want one thing and behave in the opposite direction, you are sending mixed signals and that means your reputation and your goals are ‘in the eyes of the beholder.’ In other words, you are basically lowering yourself to the level of a victim, and no one is able to succeed as a victim.

This change from being passive about your reputation to shaping your thoughts will change your attitude and eventually your destiny. Without realizing it, you will began to be more positive and you will see more goals come true, because you are mentally focused on the goals, instead of on the setbacks.

Deuteronomy 31:6 faith gives us strengthNow, I have a lot of readers who are religious of some sorts, and I want to talk directly to you about an issue I have seen with having faith. It seems, that although phrases like “Blessed,” “Believing in the impossible,” “Steadfast,” and “Focused” are thrown around quite often, yet, they aren’t used for a personal, destiny-shaping way of thinking. It is Biblical to say – “Teach me how,” “Expand my horizon,” “Give me a child,” “Multiply my money” and “Change my destiny.” However, instead of being specific in what is placed in our hearts as dreams of our reputation and our destiny, we let our minds slip into passiveness where we act as if have no choice in what happens to us (again – victim-ism). MY BIBLE clearly says that we have the ability to chose, so why aren’t you using this gift to have the life that was dreamed up just for you? Be exact! Be specific! Be focused!

And, yes, staying focused on what your goals and dreams are requires work, hard work! Maybe you pick your health to focus on for now and you chose to focus on your personality another time. It takes focus, lots of moment by moment focus. But you keep at it! If you are the one in charge of creating the energy and setting the expectation, you don’t have to worry about your reputation. You will be in charge and will teach others what to think of you.

And, yes, you can shape your reputation in all aspects of your life!

Careers, relationships, health goals, finances, a clean house, stress, happiness,  vacations… everything! Your life does not happen by wants, but by actions. By focused, mental baby steps that are focused on what you want to be known as. So tell me – what do you want your reputation to be at this stage of your life? What do you want to be known for over the next few months? Comment below with your answers, and be specific! Let’s get some dream-thinking happening, so we can start getting our reputations reshaped! 

~ Lydia and Baby Samson 

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