The Search For Happiness… and How To Find True Happiness

Happiness is often the goal that many of us search for in life. As long as we’re smiling and having a good time, we often don’t think about anything else. This pursuit of happiness ultimately changes the way we approach life.

For instance, we might find that instead of saving money for long-term happiness, we’ll spend it immediately for short-term gain. An example of this might be buying your first car; instead of waiting a couple of months for deals or for a new model to come out, you might immediately purchase a cheaper or older vehicle so you can feel happy about yourself because you don’t need to take public transport.

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These situations are known as momentary happiness, and it’s important to steer clear from these. In this article, we’ll be talking about why momentary happiness should be avoided and why it’s such a problem in today’s society.

Happiness isn’t the ultimate goal in life

One of the biggest problems is that people seem to think that happiness should be the ultimate goal in life, when in fact, it’s not. The end goal in life depends from person to person, but happiness shouldn’t be seen as a “goal” because it’s far too simplistic and is something that you can gain whether or not you aim specifically for it. For instance, if you aim to find meaning in life, then you can gain pleasure from reaching goals such as finding a new job, learning a new skill or being creative.

Happiness isn’t something you need to directly aim for; it can be a side effect of something else in life that you feel passionate about.

Long-term happiness is about making hard decisions

If you want to be happy in the long term, then you need to make difficult decisions. Most of our happiness comes from the relationships around us and our work life. If those are not safe, it may be that you need to seek help of a law firm like The Vendt Law Firm, or it could mean leaving your job for something that is more closely related to your passions. Either way, it’s important that you think about the future instead of just making immediate decisions that have a positive effect on your life.#quotes #quotestoliveby #attitude #happiness #stevemaraboli

Long-term happiness can be set in motion from an early date, and you can reap the benefits through making these difficult decisions. Remember that everyone goes through good and bad times in their life, but you can minimize the bad times but simply avoiding things that make you unhappy.

Seek Joy, Not Happiness

Have you ever went out and bought yourself something expensive that you regret a week, a day or even a few hours after? Perhaps it wasn’t really worth the money or maybe you decided that it didn’t give you as much happiness as you thought. Happiness is ultimately temporary and after the glow we get from purchasing something new or going out for an expensive meal, we return to reality and realize that it wasn’t really worth all of that money. Instead, look for things, people and careers that bring you joy. Joy is deeper than happiness and stays around even when circumstances get rough or problems come up.

How To Find TRUE Happiness With These 3 Tips

Remember that happiness doesn’t last forever and everyone has to go through ups and downs in life. However, joy will stay after the happiness, so find ways to seek after joy instead of just happiness.

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