2 Ways To Beat The Bad Days…


We all love stories about people who actually make a choice for their lives, don’t we? We love to hear about them…

Changing a path,

creating a different ending,

inspiring others,

always having hope…

These are the stories worth telling, books worth reading and movies worth seeing. What if your story could be one of these worth sharing? 

Believe it or not, we all have a huge part to play in the direction of our lives, in how our stories will unfold. Granted, you may not always be in charge of everything that happens to you, but your response, your situation and your future is up to you. Seriously, sometimes humans act as if we are meant to be weak and burdened all our lives. As if we are meant to be victims to money, victims to work, victims to bad relationships, victims to pain, victims to our health, even victims to our faith. Is this what your life is about? Do you or do you not have a choice?

I am going to suggest that maybe it isn’t so hard to take control of our own life. I think that there is only 2 things that you need in your life to start taking charge of your life again. So here it goes…

The #1 Thing You Need Is Faith…


I know, you didn’t see that coming, did you? There are several stories in the Bible were a person’s faith changed their situation. For instance, Moses parted the Red Sea and David killed a giant (see Exodus 3 and 1 Samuel 17), because they believed God was big enough to do these miracles. But those with them, the others who were there in these stories, only got to experience God’s miracles from a grandstand point of view, because they couldn’t see past their fear/doubt to make the miracles happen. Mary had a child as a teenager, because she believed what she was promised. But, in the same genre of childbirth miracles, Sarah had to wait at least 10 years to get her promised child, because she laughed at God’s promise and couldn’t believe He could do it (see Luke 1-2 and Genesis 18). During Jesus’ earthly ministry, most of His miracles are dependent on the faith of the people. For instance, Matthew 9, Jesus heals a paralyzed man, because his friends believed that Jesus could heal him. Later, in verses 18-26, we see Jesus healing a woman with a menstrual problem and raising a girl from the dead. Both of these situations, the Bible clearly states that it was their faith that allowed them to be healed. Right after this, Jesus is approached by 2 blind men and a mute man, and this is when Jesus says, “According to your faith, let it be done to you (Matthew 9:29).” All of these miracles, all of these healings, so many stories in the Bible about what God is able and willing to do, but why don’t we see it in our lives? Because we aren’t BELIEVING, Jesus said all it takes is a mustard seed sized faith to move mountains and to heal the sick. He said the smallest seed of faith would create a harvest that was 100X in increase. We need to learn to believe again.

The #2 Thing You Need Is Attitude…


Yes, attitude makes success, makes leaders, makes changes, gives you strength, gives you hope. But it can also do the opposite. It can destroy you, make you lose or be your defeat. Studies have shown that a negative attitude can increase stress, decrease productivity and increases health problems. But the other side of this has also been studied – a positive attitude can decrease stress, increase productivity and decreases health problems. Belief or faith can sometimes stay in our head, never reaching all the way to our hearts. And, so it would seem,that it is our attitude, our will, that decides how strong our faith is. It is what keeps us moving forward instead of freezing in fear. Here’s the thing – doubt/negativity can slowly eat away your faith using the same method that hydrochloric acid can be neutralized. Titration, the method used for neutralizing acid, is very simple – 1 drop at a time of a basic substance is added to a strong acid, and with each drop added the acid is slowly, slowly weakened. This continues, 1 drop at a time, until the solution reaches a tipping point and is no longer acidic. It may take 2 drops or it may take 2000 drops, but drip-drop-drip-drop it can change the very makeup of a substance… just like unchecked doubt and negativity can dilute (and even dissolve) your faith and success. 2 Cor. 10:15 states that we should “demolish arguments and every stance by take every thought captive.” Romans 12:2 talks about daily transforming our minds daily, and Ephesians 4:22-23 is a great read on the effects of our attitude.

Oh, and on a side note – for your situation to change, it may also takes some hard work. Okay, it probably will. Seriously, faith requires work, it requires hustle!… that actually is in the Bible (James 2:14), but I’ve also had the privilege of seeing it in my own life. Now, yes, I have seen miracles just happen, miracles I didn’t work for and it was all about God in that moment. But I have also seen miracles happen when I follow through with working and making things happen. Even Moses and David (in the above examples) had to put action to their faith. In my life, my faith brings God’s intervention, my attitude and hustle makes it possible for God to do the big stuff, while I am able to take care of the small stuff. They go together! Faith without works is dead, and works without faith is hopeless! But together… used together, a person is unstoppable. It is when we have faith and attitude that our stories becoming inspiring, that they can spark a fire in others.

In conclusion, my blessing for you this week and this next year is this prayer –

“May it be to you according to your faith. May your positive spirit remove the spirit of oppression on your life. May you see miracles as you follow where God guides you. May your actions and faith bring you everything you need and want. May you chose a positive attitude all year long and may you cancel doubt with truth and faith in every moment of the next year.”

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