Finding Balance

Balanced and stress free
Let me explain my thoughts on balance

Somedays, I work long hours for extra money, and then the very next day, I get off work right on time, because I know my husband and I need a 2 hour car drive, so we can talk and reconnect. That’s called balance.

Sometimes, I can write when I get home, ┬ádays I crash in front of the TV for 5 hours waiting for my blood sugar to be normal. That’s called balance!

Somedays, I read my Bible and post only stuff on my faith, other days my social media is all about hard work and dreams. That’s called balance!

It is a journey, not an ending place!
Balance is knowing both happen at once!

Sometimes, I believe I am going to change the world. Other days, I melt the bag that frozen veggies came in. I think that’s balance too.

Tears, laughter. Joy, fear. Stress, peace. We live in a world of extremes, even our own emotions tend to go extreme. Balance isn’t having one or the other all the time.

Chaos into balance
…And that is what peace is!

It’s learning to navigate the extreme rapids of life so you never capsize or get lost. Balance is knowing extremes will happen, but in expecting them, I am able to prepare for them instead of being derailed by them. That’s what balance means to me and that’s where I love to live my life!!!

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