16 Ways To Handle Unexpected Charges and Bills…

There’s nothing worse than opening your mail and finding that you’ve got yet another unexpected bill come through your door.

Perhaps your gas bill went way too far after a cold few months? Or maybe, you’ve had your boiler repaired recently and the bill has just come through the door? Either way, even when you’re very money conscious, having a huge bill come through your door can lead to high amounts of stress and worry about how you’re going to pay the charges. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 16 fabulous ways to handle unforeseen charges. Check them out:

  1. photo-1526304640581-d334cdbbf45eSpeak to the person/company that you owe money to and see if you can set up some sort of payment plan. Utility companies are usually more than willing to set something up for you. At the end of the day, they want their money, so when you call and inform them of any struggles you’re having, they are obliged to help you out so that they get the money owed to them.
  2. Haggle down prices with your providers so that you’re paying less each month towards bills. The money you’ve saved can go towards paying off the money that you owe. If your providers are unable to offer a cheaper deal, consider switching providers for a cheaper deal over all.
  3. Pick up more hours at work and save the extra money to pay off your charges. Speak to your boss and see if they are able to give you some more hours each week. You’ll have the money together before you know it!
  4. Consider asking your boss for an advance in your wages. If you explain your predicament, they may be more than willing to do this for you. Just remember to think about how you’re going to cope when your catching up on work and not receiving money.
  5. Look into short term loans to see if they could be an option to help you out of your situation. Many lenders now allow you to see how much you’re lending, choose when you’re paying it back, and also the final figure with their added interest too before you sign any kind of contract. Learn more about how these companies work and whether it’s the right choice for you. Remember that if you miss a payment you could land yourself with more charges and also a black mark on your credit report.
  6. Take a look at your spending and see if there’s anything that you could cut back on. Things like unwanted/unused subscriptions like your gym membership or a monthly magazine could be eliminated and free up more money in your bank. This could also help you in the long run with saving money too!
  7. Try home brand/generic food from your supermarket rather than large brand names. Most of the time, the products are the same inside the packet anyway! Remember to check labels if you’re allergic to any foods as some brands have different recipes. You will find that you’re saving a surprising amount of money!
  8. Clip coupons and save vouchers to help you out with your grocery shopping. You may have seen that some people are able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of shopping and only pay a few dollars at the till! You can find coupons online, in newspapers, leaflets, and even magazines. photo-1532038890189-d258e6190177
  9. Have a clear out at home and sell your unwanted belongings to put towards paying your unforeseen charges. Perhaps you’ve got a valuable childhood collection of toys in your loft, or maybe even a vintage car that you’ve been meaning to sell? Consider selling them to help pay for your bills and also hopefully have a little left over for savings!
  10. Hire yourself out as a freelancer. Freelancing involves selling a set of skills that you have in exchange for money. Perhaps you’re good at writing quality content for websites, or maybe even proofreading content? Sign yourself up to websites like Upworkso that you can make some extra money. The best bit? The only limit on your extra income is how much you’re able to do!
  11. Ask a family member or friend if they are able to help you out. Draw up a repayment contract so that they know their money is going to make it’s way back to them once you can afford it. Just remember that not returning the money can lead to feuds between friends and friends, so make sure it’s the right decision for you.
  12. Eliminate costly leisure for a short time so that the money you’d usually spend on hobbies and days out can go towards paying off your charges. There’s plenty of things that you can do at home for free and still have fun, so why not try some of them while you’re saving money!
  13. Accept help from people, even if it’s not in the form of money. Perhaps a family member might buy a few food items here and there to help you out if they can’t help financially. Or maybe, they will have your children for you while you’re at work so that you can build your money back up. While this option might not solve your issues, it could certainly help you begin solving them yourself.
  14. Consider taking items you still value to a pawn shop so that you’re able to get some quick cash and straighten up your finances. If you let the pawn brokers know that you want your belongings back, they will keep it until you’re able to buy it back from them.
  15. Sell your gold online or, again, in a pawn shop to raise a substantial amount of money to put towards paying off your charges. Remember that the more gold you’re able to bring, the more money you will get for it.
  16. Exchange any left over currencies from vacations back to your regular currency for a fast and easy way of raising money quickly. Remember that small amounts of change are unlikely to be changed back.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can handle any unforeseen charges that come through your door. To save worrying about anything like this happening in the future, consider changing how you handle your finances with some of the tips above so that you can avoid this kind of problem happening again. Follow these tips and your finances will be straightened up in no time!

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