21 Reasons To Hate Budgeting (and how to change it)…

Don’t you just love budgeting and hearing about all the changes you need to make? I mean, doesn’t it just inspire you to change everything and never go out to eat again? Riiiight… yeah, me neither. 

Honestly, some days budgeting just sucks. So, instead of writing about how to fix our budgets, I am just going give you 21 reasons that budgeting sucks.

  1. Being Realistic Is Harder Than Being In Denial. Denial allows me to go buy ice cream, being realistic means we need to check the budget first.
  2. Staying Focused Takes Discipline. And who has the energy for that all the time? HP Commission
  3. Your Living Expenses Are Too High. Your living expenses should only be 30-50% of your monthly income, if it is more than that running a budget can be extremely stressful. Work on decreasing bills to reduce stress.
  4. It Is Hard To Remember Priorities. A new outfit or savings? Extra groceries or paying debt?
  5. Changing Financial Patterns Takes Time. We want the changes to happen overnight, but it takes months and years to change bad financial habits. Be patient with yourself!
  6. You Get Bored. Sometimes budgeting is like a piece of art with only a few supplies. We have to be creative and enjoy getting to make it work, or we will get bored and not stick to it.
  7. Budgeting Is Hard When There Is No Savings Fund. When we don’t have a savings, we tend to be more financially stressed, which makes sticking to a budget harder. 
  8. Communication Is Slipping. Communication is KEY to making a budget less terrible, it actually can make budgeting easy and fun. Try coupling budgeting meetings with a fine wine or chocolate cake, it will help!
  9. You Are Eating Out Too Much. Or I should say I am. Or we all are? My answer to this is to pack snacks and carry a cold/frozen drink, but I am still working on this.
  10. Your Income Is Not Flexible. When there is limited income or only one source of income, it can make the budget feel limited and like you are struggling. Check out these options for starting a #sidehustle.#drivers #bonus #smallbusiness #sidehustle
  11. It’s Hard To Tell People No. Try changing the way you phrase your no, maybe saying “Eating out isn’t my priority right now, saving for a new car is,” instead of “I can’t, I am on a budget.” It sounds so much better, right?
  12. We Lose Control Of Our Spending. My only way to monitor my spending is a cash-only budget, $10 or $20 a week, and it is used for anything that isn’t groceries or gas.
  13. You Haven’t Reevaluated Your Bills. Did you know that most companies will re-evaluate your bills every 6 months for discounts or options to lower your bills?
  14. Gratitude Isn’t Being Practiced. Yes, greed and a lack of gratitude will cause you to over spend and can ruin your financial game. Never buy anything, including groceries, until you have stopped to reflect on what you already have. Check out these other attitudes that will also help your budgeting.
  15. You Are Overly Stressed. Stress will lead you to spending more in eating out and buying stuff you don’t need. Take a vacation day or two. And read my ideas on how to move forward through stress on this blog.
  16. We Are All Running On Low Sleep. Studies say most of us are severely sleep deprived. Low sleep means you need more coffee and that your body is stressed, so you eat out more. 10% OFF on $99 or more code: TREAT1Q *at checkout
  17. You Aren’t Being Realistic On Your Budgeting. I always try to budget for spending about $300 less on food a month than what we actually use, which means we are out of budget from the start. Be realistic when you cut down your budget and work from what you are actually spending instead of what you want to spend.
  18. You Need A Budgeting App. There are lots of options and it makes budgeting on the go super easy. We are currently using Every Dollar as our budgeting app.
  19. Not All Budgeting Methods Are Equal. We tried paper budgeting and 700 other options (read about that drama here!), we had to find the correct method that worked for us. Don’t settle for less than what works.
  20. Finding Discounts Is Annoying. It is easier to get everything full price than to spend a few minutes finding sales or discounts or even free things. But if you take the time, you can really make a big difference on the budget stress while still getting to enjoy life.
  21. You Aren’t Prioritizing Your Financial Goals. There that is the real reason budgeting fails and the real reason we hat it so much. Once money management becomes a priority, our finances start working for us and we figure out how to make it all work.Super Summer Travel Deals! Use Code SUMMER20 & Save up to $20!Book NOW!

So which one is the reason you are failing at your budget? Leave me a comment with how you are getting back on track with your budget this week.

Fix your budget with these 21 ideas

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44 thoughts on “21 Reasons To Hate Budgeting (and how to change it)…

  1. This is literally on point! Not having financial flexibility and eating out too much I think are my biggest problems. I have done some changes in my life due to the kind of work I have in order to save money. I’m just hoping I’m disciplined enough to do it.

  2. It can be tough to stay on track with budgeting.. I have found that using an app helps and I also really like your idea of having a couple budget meeting with wine and chocolate. Great incentives!

  3. I’m one of the few people I know who actually like budgeting. I have spreadsheets that I consult to show me what has to be paid from each check and what is left over. And, once each quarter, I do a complete net worth calculation, adding up all outstanding debts and assets. But I realize that others do not like this sort of thing, so your guidance here is quite valuable.

  4. Yeah, I don’t know anyone who thinks budgeting is fun! I’ve found meal planning really helps keep my grocery spending on track because I waste less food and don’t have a bunch of random ingredients.

  5. This is a great list. Our challenge is the variable income we receive as our business is cyclical. And even more so, budgeting is important to even out those seasons when cash flow is tight. Thanks for inspiring me to take a closer look at how to improve <3

    1. We are the same way with the variable income, it is really hard to budget and traditional budgets just don’t work for it. It took us 3 years to figure out how to make it work, I wrote about it on this blog http://theunchaoticlife.com/budget/4-reasons-our-budget-needed-a-makeover-and-personalized-guide/. Literally, we had to create our own rules and use principles from all budgeting experts instead of a standard budget. I hope you are able to get your budget working for your income and needs 🙂

    1. It can be stressful, espically dealing with communication and expectation differences in a relationship. It helps us to remember that money works for us, we don’t work for money. Changing your mindset a little will make great advances on how you view money and budgets 🙂

    1. We are professional giggers I feel like, so I get it! It is hard to balance the income and the bills, but side incomes and freelancing help so much if you can use that income to pay off debt and to lower bills.

  6. Budgeting can be so tricky! We did very strict budgeting, and managed to stick to it, while my husband was in school a few years back. It was very difficult and exhausting, but we got through! I have been splurging and letting the reigns go on that the last few years as a sort of balance. But I’m starting to get back into budgeting, to accommodate the changes that are soon to come for us!

  7. Sometimes budgeting is like a piece of art with only a few supplies. We have to be creative and enjoy getting to make it work

  8. It’s really hard staying on budget sometimes… Especially when emergencies come up or the kids need something…. It’s just hard to stay on track. Good tips though!

  9. What a wonderful post! I did a budget review last year and I was seeing that we were spending about 215$ on average to eat out each month. I have to eat at home more and so far we are saving so much. Now we only go out every other Friday. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Great tips! My husband is our finance brain, and he does a great job of planning oyr budget. I help out some, but my main focus is to stay within our parameters.

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