3 Low-Effort Part-Time Jobs That Will Boost Your Income

When you need an influx of money, most people will say the same thing; get another job. Right, fantastic idea, but there’s one issue; you already have a job, and it can be very stressful and tiring. So, adding another workload on top of that may kill you.

What’s the point in having extra money if you’re too tired to even use it? This is why I did some searching and figured out the most low-effort part-time jobs out there, which are excellent little side hustles!

Uber DriverNew-Lyft-Driver-Earn-1500week

Do you drive a car? If the answer is yes, then you pretty much qualify as an Uber driver. This part-time job requires hardly any additional effort to your day. All you have to do is drive people around, and no one ever gets in long journeys when they book an Uber. A few hours of driving a few days a week, and you’ll have some excellent additional funds. My only piece of advice is to find an Uber lawyer that you can call upon if anything ever happens. I’m mainly talking about accidents here; if a car crashes into you then it can still be quite hazy with insurance claims, and you want a lawyer to make sure you don’t end up paying for something that you didn’t cause.

Creative Freelancer

I used the term ‘creative freelancer’ purely so I can bundle loads of different freelancing jobs under one heading. We’re talking writing, graphic design, video production, and everything else under this creative umbrella. Basically, you take on freelance work whenever you want, and get paid to do things you’re good at. This is a great job idea as you can do it in your spare time, and the workload is manageable (because you decide what work you do) meaning you can easily have your primary job and not be too worn out. My pro tip for this is to register with many freelance websites to increase your chances of finding work.

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Dog Walker/Sitter

A dog walker is someone that walks people’s dogs in exchange for money, while a dog sitter can also do this but sit and look after the dog at home too. In a world where many people have dogs and jobs, it means some families and individuals need someone to look after their dogs while they’re busy. The same goes for people that go on holiday and leave their dog alone. A sitter is way more affordable than a doggy boarding school, so you’d be an attractive proposition. If you like dogs, then this is the dream part-time job. Hang out with some cute pups, and get paid a decent bit of extra cash. You can do it whenever you want as well, so it’s not stressful at all.

Sure, you could work in a bar or take a few shifts in a shop as your job on the side. But, both of these ideas require extra work and longer hours. Instead, think about the ideas I’ve listed in this article. They all pay fairly well, and you have more control over the hours you work as well.

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