40 Ways to Make Extra Income For the Holidays, part 1 

It’s the time of year where we all spend a little (or a lot) extra on gifts, events, parties and who knows what else. Are you the discount gifter, the planned gifter or the unplanned, rushed gifter?

Well, since you are reading this in the 2nd week of December, I am going to assume you are in that last group and you are looking for budget intervention. So, let’s talk about ways to bring in a little extra income.

QUotes on changeMy husband and I have worked in many, many different off and gig jobs. Basically, everything! We have had some adventures and many mis-adventures. We have had so many opportunities, that I am to the point where I can comfortably explain the benefits and drawbacks of AT LEAST 40 different ‘extra income jobs.’

There is a delicate balance between what we put in and potential financial gain. I am going to break down the options for you, focusing on why each option will be a good fit for you and your needs at the moment. Ohhh… and this is a 4 part series, wait around (or subscribe to my email list) for the rest of the series, so you get ALL my reviews and expertise on ALL of these jobs.

Let’s look for extra income jobs for people who: are working a regular job or are on a strict schedule for they can make the extra money. For this person, we need minimal effort and minimal stress, you are dealing with enough of that already with everything else going on. However, we also need enough pay to make it worth your time, otherwise, what’s the point?

Quotes on change

  • Working Overtime –You didn’t expect that one. However, if you are working a 9-5, is it possible to turn it into a 8-6 job? Or to work through your lunch? As simple as it sounds, working overtime at your current job is one of the overlooked options. You are there anyway, just add a little time on. Try it!
  • Share a Ride – This is great because gas (and sometimes car) expenses are shared. Doesn’t help out a whole lot, but it may make a small difference, my husband and I each spend $40 a week on gas, if we could split that with someone by carpooling, we ‘made’ or added $180 back to the budget. If you do a vanpool or bus option, you may be able to get rid of a car payment all together. Drawback –You have to coordinate schedules and having to wait on/deal with someone else.

Get more money driving during the holidays

Driving. Look, you already are commuting, why not drive for Uber/Lyft? We have worked with ride-share for 4+ years, Lyft is our favorite, but there is also Uber, Sidecar, Wingz, Total Ride and many more. Check out this blog for more specifics on each one – https://gridwise.io/rideshare/top-6-rideshare-services/ . Make sure you check out your state’s insurance requirements for ride-sharing, most states require an endorsement now. However, during the holidays, the pay is really good and you can stay quite busy.

Here is a link for a signup bonus of $180 to drive with Lyft. Apply here:  https://www.lyft.com/drivers/HENRY2445  Terms apply.

  • Food and courier delivery appsCourier. This is different than driving, you don’t have people in your car, you are delivering food, groceries, tires, car parts, flowers, medical supplies, etc. I always preferred courier work to ride-sharing, it felt safer. Also, courier work is included in your insurance already. However, the pay is lower and there may be delays in between deliveries. The apps I have used are Postmates, Ubereats and PixFly, but here are some other options as well – https://www.lifewire.com/uber-inspired-on-demand-delivery-apps-3485936.
  • Waitressing. When it comes to flexibility, waitressing is one of the more predictable ways to go. You can work weekends or late nights after a job. Try to get a job at a quality restaurant where people don’t mind spending money. If they spend $15-20 on a meal, they are more likely to tip better. If they come in for buy one get one free, they probably won’t tip, that’s just how it goes.
“Please, someone, anyone, rescue me from my boring mommy who only writes and eats her dinner instead of playing with me.”

Pet sitting/House sitting. This was one of my favorite ways to bring in money during college. House sitting is super easy, you just go there and stay at their house, and make sure nobody breaks in. Pet sitting requires you like pets, take them out, go on walks, but it is still easily doable around a full-time job or a strict schedule. Pet sitting is also one where you can may be able to bring the pets into your house, instead of staying at their house. One app that I know of is Wagg. And 2 good websites for sitters to search for gigs are https://www.housesittersamerica.com/ and https://www.rover.com/.




That’s the best of the best in these categories. I would also suggest looking into starting a small business such as lawn care, pool cleaning, house cleaning, moving company, house painter, personal chef, etc. I’ve never worked these jobs, but they are positions we hire someone for and we tend to hire whoever has left their card on the door for us. They are Saturday only jobs with no big start-up cost.

So, what do you think? If you have questions on any of these listed, leave a comment and I will answer your questions as best as I can, based on my experience. Remember, to be successful in a side income job, you need to balance your resources used (time, energy, cost) with the income you will make. Make a plan on how much time it will take to make your goal. Don’t assume you will make what the advertisements say you will make (bring it down by 25-30%), but if you work hard and are strict with your time and energy, you can make some good money with any and all of these options.


LASTLY – have fun! Gig jobs and side work shouldn’t be a terrible thing, so enjoy the new experiences and be grateful for the changes. Yes, I include affiliate links in my blogs, it helps me get paid for what I love to do. Thanks for being the patron of your favorite writer!  Lydia

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    1. Lyft is rideshare like Uber. Think Taxi … with your personal car. Usually a ride is $5-10, so much cheaper than a taxi. The drivers use their own car, turn the app on and the app connects the closest rider and driver. Lyft requires (or did when I did it a few years ago) to have cars 5 years old or newer, a clean driving record and cars have to pass inspection. We live in a big city, so we have lots of people needing a ride to commute to work or go to the airport or to go out on the town.

        1. I liked Lyft better, the rides were slightly more expensive, but drivers get paid more too and I always felt safer with Lyft riders over Uber riders, but it could just be time of day or where I lived at 🙂

  1. I love the idea of pet sitting however currently not in a position to do so, however driving and overtime are easy ways to incorporate more cash like you said. Nice tips! Will have to follow. 🙂

    1. Oh agreed! Driving IS draining on me, but my husband loves it. However, My mom and I have both done pet sitting for years. Usually, the pets are the calm, quiet ones who are really sweet 🙂 good luck with it, it is really fun!

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