1 Simple Step To Save Money And Get Healthy…

Alright, so I got this water bottle, it’s called the KOR PLUS Water and Filter System, and I liked it so much that I really wanted to write a review on it. And BONUS – I will also add in my husband’s thoughts at the end of the blog, so read through it all to find out his opinion!

This is really simple to put together, basic common sense. You just soak the filter for 24 hours, then put the filter into straw with open end at the bottom. Fill it up and drink. Oh and speaking of actually getting water out of it… somehow, we didn’t realize that the bottle doesn’t need to be tipped up to drink. It should have been obvious, I mean it has a suction tip and a straw., neither which usually are tipped up to drink out of… anyway…

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Alright, let’s start off talking price – the KOR+ is a monthly subscription box. The first month you buy the bottle and a filter (normal price $30, BUT use my code SAVEWITHTUCL at checkout to get 20% off), and after that you just buy the filter, which is $15/monthly. And, yes, I think it will be worth it! Read on to find out what I think after a week of using the bottle and filtration system.

The Benefits Of The KOR PLUS hydration system

The filter is infused with coconut shells, which balances the pH by returning H+ ions to the water. The filtered water’s pH is a 9, which puts in the alkaline range. Adding in alkaline water keeps the acid in the body neutralized. The filter also purifies the water, and adds in electrolytes (specifically magnesium and potassium) and antioxidants.

Check out my review of the KOR PLUS water filtration system and its effect on my health, fitness and hydration.

My Review –

Feeling Hydrated – This was what was a little confusing to me. The first day I was using it, I actually felt more thirsty than normal. The next day I didn’t feel any thirst. Maybe it showed my body how actually dehydrated I was? I went back to tap water on day 3 &4 and was constantly thirsty.

Alkalized Water – I wanted to see if my body noticed a difference that alkaline water would cause. So, I decided to put it to the test by drinking 2 bottles after my coffee (coffee is acidic). Usually, after a few cups of coffee, I am feeling kinda like I have heartburn, icky stomach, sluggish and cranky. I made sure I was completely finished with my morning routine of 6 cups of coffee (don’t judge), so my body was very acidic. Here’s the thing, I never got that feeling that my stomach had too much acid or that I was getting dehydrated. And, yes, I tested it all week, lots of coffee and using the KOR PLUS bottle… still no dehydration!

Effect On My Health – This one really surprised me, I noticed an immediate difference to my health within a day. I am a Type 1 Diabetic, and it doesn’t play by the rules. What makes a difference to keeping it level? High protein diet, increased water intake and electrolytes. Within 2 hours of starting to use the bottle, my blood sugars were down under 100 and stayed leveled as long as I was using the bottle. 

Bottle Size: Okay, I know reusable water bottles with filters are all about this size. All 20 filter water bottles my husband has bought me has been about the same size as this bottle (yes, he is obsessed that I need to use a filtered water bottle). However, given that I never have enough water in my body, I need a gallon size water bottle. I just get tired of having to filling up water bottles. I am not sure the exact ounces, but I am running for a faucet about 30 times a day.

Staying Cold – I was happy that it stayed relatively cold while out and about in this heat this week. And by heat, let me remind you, heat to me is ‘I live in a dry-heat-icky-desert-and-it-is-summer-time-so-we-are-talking-over-110-degrees’ heat. Anything less than boiling is great, insulated would be amazing, but, really it stayed cool and refreshing. That alone is amazing!

Cost – Hey, this is a budgeting and finances site, so we have to talk price, right? The first month you buy the water bottle and filter for $30. The many, many water bottles hubby has bought for me averaged about $20, so the price is good since this includes the filter too (USE MY LINK AND CODE SAVEWITHTUCL to get 10% off). The monthly cost of the filters ($15) is less than what we spend on bottled water we. We spend $40-50 a month on bottled water and gallons of water. Oh, we just got an email from KOR this morning…  they *might* have a referral system to make up for that cost of the filters. Soooo… that means that it, if you do it correctly, we are potentially saving $600 a year by switching to this bottle!!!! WHAT??? Does this financial blog approve of this idea?? ABSOLUTELY, YES!!

His Review

“Seriously? Why can’t it be a gallon size, I need more water when I am out in this heat!… It helped you feel better? (smug look, REALLLY smug look…) Maybe you shouldn’t drink tap water anymore, and use fancy water bottles like I told you to do (ducks and laughs as I toss this fancy water bottle at his head… fyi – I did miss lol)…”

KOR PLUS bottle and filter - The Unchaotic Life

So… the real question is – would we buy another or keep buying the filters for me? Absolutely, without hesitation! Have you used the KOR PLUS water filtration system? Tell me what you think! And when you grab yours, don’t forget to use my code SAVEWITHTUCL during checkout for an additonal 10% off!

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This pH balancing, electrolyte infused, alkaline producing water bottle is amazing. Check out my review on KOR PLUS water bottle and filter here...
This pH balancing, electrolyte infused, alkaline producing water bottle is amazing. Check out my review on KOR PLUS water bottle and filter here...

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