How To Make A Family-Friendly Garden On A Budget…

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If you have children, the garden will become your favorite place in the home throughout the summer months. Usually the only reason kids don’t want to play in the garden is  because it has grown a bit wild or does not lend itself well to child’s play.

If this sounds about right, you should make some changes to ensure that you can make the most of your garden, as you should be. However, you may assume that this is going to cost a fortune. Fear not, as here are some great suggestions to help you out…

Think About LongevityNew-Lyft-Driver-Earn-1500week

When you are looking to add fun elements to the garden, it can be easy to go for cheap decorations. However, the trouble is that children soon get bored with these items, and they don’t add much to the appearance of your garden. This is why you need to think about longevity and look to playground items such as those for sale at PDPlay. This will give you a good idea regarding the sort of garden play items that will stand the test of time. These play items work out cheaper overall when you consider the lifetime cost.

Consider safety

When it comes to creating a family-friendly garden, you do not only need to think about how the garden looks and the fun it provides, but you need to consider safety too. After all, you are hardly going to enjoy your garden if you have to watch every move your child makes when he or she wants to play. Everyone has different expectations regarding safety, so it is a good idea to build your own strategy. You can consult with the experts and do your research in order to put your plan together. Some aspects you need to consider, include the type of plants you chose and the fertilizer you use, i.e. non-toxic ones, soft landings, and containment.

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Think in terms of zones

Another tip is to think in terms of zones. This is important because your garden has a number of different functions when you have children. It provides a place for you to relax, as well as socializing with friends. It also provides a place for your kids to have fun and burn off energy, which is why zoning is a good approach. Section the garden offf into herbs, vegetables and flowers. Give the children one row or partial row that is theirs to upkeep. If  you have a smaller space, use flower boxes or raised beds to create the different zones.

Involve your children

Last but not least, involve your children in the gardening and landscaping process. It is a task that you can both enjoy together, keeping you busy for a few weeks and even months. Plus, it is a pair of spare hands you won’t have to pay for, although how helpful your child will be is a different matter entirely! But they may enjoy getting to pick the vegetables they will be growing, for instance – they probably won’t pick to grow brocolli if they despise the taste of it. If they get to pick what is grown, you won’t waste as much money and time on growing vegetables that they won’t eat.

 Don’t Forget The Fairies!

Helping your kids use their imagination is the cheapest way to help them enjoy the outdoors and your garden. Letting your kids create stories or areas of the garden that are set aside for playing and fun will make them want to be in your garden and they will enjoy it while you are working it. Small stone benches or figurines can help you do just that. Even painted rocks (I love the ladybug ones!) will add a whimsical feel to your garden, which will make the kids want to be in it more.

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As you can see, there are many different ways you can make your garden more family-friendly. It is pretty easy to create a family friendly garden on a budget. What are some ways that you have been able to incorporate your children into your garden and outdoor space? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. We use raised garden beds and potting soil. My husband liked using the dirt that was already in the back yard, but when we used soil from the store we always have a better harvest.

  2. My little one is almost old enough to justify creating a family garden for educational purposes (next spring….). I want to make it affordable and educational all at the same time, plus grow some of his favorite veggies! Thanks for your informative post.

  3. I so want to have a garden at our next house! We are working on the landscaping plan right now and have told my hubby to work in a spot somewhere and to make sure it has its own irrigation zone!

  4. My kids and I had a great time gardening together this season. The trick to keeping everyone involved is to make it fun and include something for everyone.

  5. Gardening is not something that is a strong suit of mine at all. This is some great advice on how to start one without putting a whole lot of money into it.

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