He Said, She Said – 2 Practical Ways To Save Money On The Day To Day Essentials

While you may have thought you’ve made considerable headway with regards to saving money, such as changing your attitude towards money, and making a few of the biggest sacrifices ever in your financial life, you still seem to be struggling to get by, why do you think this is?

If you’ve made the big lifestyle changes, and you’ve started working to pay off debts, possibly the reason you’re struggling is because you haven’t changed your attitude towards the very basics in life. This is something a lot of us can overlook, because we need the basics. Right? You can’t just cut out all of the bills or stop buying certain things. But, when you are focus your mindset on frugal living, there are some ways for you to save money.
Now as you know, hubby and I think TOTALLY DIFFERENT about how to save money. We literally approach savings in opposite ways, so I figured we could do a he-said-she-said on 1 way we both would advice people to save money. So here is what we decided on …

He Said – “Take Care Of Your Car”

While you can find the cheapest insurance, especially on sites like cheapautoinsurance.co, this is only one piece of the puzzle. Your insurance is always going to be a vital part, but you might find ways to save money in other ways.

 For example, driving economically so that you burn less fuel is a lifesaver. If you find yourself constantly idling, not only does this put more strain on the engine, but it can also wear down the engine (especially if you drive a standard/manual vehicle).Tips for #car #vehicle maintenance and #food #budget #savings

Also, keeping up basic maintenance, such as oil changes, correct air pressure in the tires, new spark plugs, will keep the car in pristine condition will mean you save money on its upkeep, and therefore it won’t need to go to the mechanics as often.

Lastly, walk more. This isn’t about taking public transport when and where you can, but more about being less lazy. We have grocery stores within a mile of our home, why not go for a walk instead of using gas to drive to such a close location? You will save some money!

Her reply… “Okay, I always fight him on the upkeep of the car, but he is right. We have never had to do any repairs on the vehicles we maintain, and that gives me great peace of mind knowing that our vehicles are reliable, since my family growing up never had reliable vehicles. It’s a good idea, just not one I grew up with, so it is a different way of thinking.”

She Said – “Focus Your Grocery Buying”

You didn’t expect that one, huh? What else would I say you can save money on? To me, food is the perfect way to save some extra money. You might feel that because you’re making considerable sacrifices to save money, that you can’t be deprived of your favorite foods.

Now, this isn’t about going without, although there are many different health benefits of fasting, but it’s about making your food go further. On self.com, there are some handy hints on making fresh food last longer. One idea that I really thought about was when the article talked about not throwing away all the fruit/vegetables due to a little mold. Cauliflower and grapes come to mind for this one – just remove the bad part and eat the rest as soon as possible so it doesn’t continue to go bad.

In addition to finding ways to make your food go longer, you can batch cook meals, meaning that you won’t feel tempted to go for a take away when there is nothing to eat. Planning your meals is one of those age-old approaches that can save you a lot of money. Some people actually save ALOT of money by going with a meal subscription box like Sunbasket or DinnerDaily (my 2 favorite meal services!!)
You can also save a lot of money by cutting out sweets (both fast food and those from the grocery store), start to make some healthy swaps, and finding high protein, whole foods that will fill you up, will decrease the need for to snack on sweets, deserts and candy.

Lastly, make sure you are only buying what you need and will eat. For instance, don’t buy 5 of 1 item all at the same time, wait until you need it. Only buy foods you eat, which means around here we don’t need to buy brocolli, it just goes bad.

Here are even more money saving tips you can try – 

His reply.. “She always tries to cut down on food costs, and somehow keeps the food budget really low. But when we go together, we spend so much more on groceries, I think it is that whole meal planning issue – I forget to check the cabinets before we go shopping and double buy food we already have. She has this buying quality food for cheap down to an art.”

So, how are you able to cut down on car costs and food costs? What practical tricks have you used to decrease your essentials budget, but still maintain the quality of life you already have? Leave me a comment, I want to hear your ideas!!

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