When To Buy Quality Over Cheap…

Another late night writing and working, which will be followed by another early morning wake up call from my little 4-month old. So, I had to break out the coffee again and this time it was Sudden Coffee instant coffee. I really liked this coffee, especially how it tasted. Noooww… it is a little more expensive, but I think it is a quality worth investing in…

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The Packaging – The samples I received came in a cute bag, with a card explaining the coffee sample and a few notes about the company. These samples were medium roast of Mzuzu Malawi. The bottle is compost-able and lid is recyclable. The coffee container also has a note saying to use code “Friendly” for treat.

The Goodness – Okay, I am not a coffee connoisseur (heck, I am pretty sure that is even spelled wrong), but I love coffee and pride myself in visiting local coffee shops as a hobby. You are right – it isn’t much authority, but let’s see what I can do. The Sudden Coffee samples I got were very smooth, seems to have floral and citrus essences that were slightly detectable. Most importantly – Sudden Coffee doesn’t have the bitter taste that most instant coffees have. Seriously, I almost didn’t want to even try it, because I hate that bitter taste of instant coffee. Sudden Coffee didn’t have that. It tasted so great that I drank it all in just a few minutes (well, once it cooled enough to gulp). It mixed easily and quickly with the hot water, no  granular leftoversIt seemed more acidic, but maybe that is the flavor of coffee that was sentIt is a crystallized coffee, made in small batches and was freeze-dried.

The Subscription – You can order a 8- or 48-pack supply to test it (you really should!) or you can get the subscription box which comes in 8-, 16- or 24 cup options (go for 24, you will need it!). Oh and the cost… you knew it was coming, right? No good thing is free… the cost is definitely higher than if you got, say Nestle on-the-go instant coffee packets, but think of the quality. All other instant coffees are terrible, icky, bitter and do not mix in at all. This is how to think of it – if you buy instant coffee and it is already in the budget, then you need to buy quality instant coffee… and that quality is found in Sudden Coffee. And if you need it, check out my ideas on how to cut down on the budget and work in fun spending money (which will help you work in money for buying Sudden Coffee).

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Why I liked this coffee –

#coffee #best #reviews #subscriptionboxes #suddencoffeeIt Is Tastes Good! It is smooth, not bitter and yummy. Literally, this is such a great reason to buy it, actually it is a good enough reason to stand alone. You should buy Sudden Coffee (in the 24 pack monthly subscription option, of course!).

It Is Strong! 1 cup was all I needed to stay awake (and actually get some good writing done!). I was awake until 1 am on that single cup. That is a pretty strong coffee.

It Is Portable! Hey, we all have had to run out of the house without our daily need for caffeine, just put it in the purse or briefcase and off you go. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a to-go cup too!

It Helped Me Write! Okay, I don’t know if this coffee helped or I just got a good vibe, but I put out 2 blogs whiles I drank the 1 cup, that is a lot of typing and creativity in a short amount of time.

It Is Coffee! Okay, that is the only reason I needed to buy it… time to re-work the budget again…

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#coffee #best #reviews #subscriptionboxes #suddencoffee

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#coffee #best #reviews #subscriptionboxes #suddencoffee

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15 thoughts on “When To Buy Quality Over Cheap…

  1. I am not a coffee drinker but this sounds like a good taste of coffee to try. I will definitely share this to my sister since she loves to drink coffee so much.

  2. I am not much of a coffee drinker nowadays since being pregnant. But it sounds like a great coffee. Price doesn’t matter, what matters is the taste! I prefer great coffee over the price, anytime! 🙂

  3. I have never really tried instant coffee like this but I would be open to it. I am typically the only person drinking coffee in my house so this may be more practical than making a whole pot.

  4. Hmm, I think we will need a few more bloggers to test your theory that it helped you write. That is great to get 2 posts out with only 1 cup of coffee. I’ll have to let Shawn know about this.

  5. Umm, coffee in a subscription box? OMG, I am so in. I love trying all different types so, I’d definitely try this. Thanks for the recco.

  6. I think the packaging is really cute. Not really a coffee lover but I need it from time to time. I will check this out!

    1. I got the medium roast, and it was a stronger coffee. I tend to drink dark roasts, and this tasted as strong as a dark roast. They do have a light roast, so that one should be better for your tastes

  7. Totally love the packaging and would love to buy this for someone as a gift as I don’t drink coffee myself. The selection is fab though.

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