Working For Your Pay… or Paying To Work?

You can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. The same goes for working, as you cannot make money without spending it. Everyone loses money on their way to work.

Whether it be paying for a train ticket, burning up fuel in your car that you paid at the pump for, or flying. Whatever the case may be, you have to spend money in order to get to work.

Other budget expenses occur when we need to either buy equipment for our job or go the extra mile. Each year, we could be paying thousands for the sake of our job. For something so large, why don’t the majority of people every truly figure out how much they spend in order to make money in the first place?

Cost #1 – Your Commute

Quite easily the biggest expense you have is the trip to work. But have you ever sat down and really thought about it? How far and long do you travel each week on average? What type of transportation do you use?

If you have a yearly pass for a public transport system such as for the bus, or metro train, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure it out as you have a fixed price. For people who drive to work, you calculate your miles and gas mileage cost.

Your work could be 10 miles from your house, but you can drive more than that to get to work, in the event that there isn’t a direct highway or main road that gets you straight to work. Traffic and car fuel efficiency can also add to the cost of your commute. Take into consideration every possibility that ends up costing you money.

Cost #2 – Pay Disputes

Pay disputes at work are some of the nastiest arguments in the professional world. It’s a sensitive issue because there’s more than just the breaking of trust at stake, it’s the fact that improper handling and behavior can cause someone great financial harm.

You are under the protection of worker rights, as the company under corporate rights also. It is the duty of every employee to take care of their own finances regarding pay and salary.

Keep track of the payments you have been given by your employer by putting pay stubs into a financial record folder. You can create your own as there are lots of Payroll check template choices. It’s easy to do, as the template provides you with the parameters, you need to just fill in the details about your monthly, weekly pay. If you are missing money you are owed, this template provides proof, so you can get your wages that you deserve.

Cost #3 – Eating Out For Lunch

I know, you have to eat anyway. And packing a lunch is frustrating for most of us, because it takes extra time we don’t have. But according to the math, you can spend $6-10 on a lunch, $6.50 on Starbucks and $1.50 for a soda and $1.50 for a candy bar from the vending machine. That adds up to $5,200 a year!! Let me repeat that – you can spend an average of over $5000 a year just on food and beverages that you eat just while on the job.

Save the money, pack a lunch and bring your own sodas/coffee. Even if you buy a dinner prep service, like Sun Basket or Dinner Daily, you still will save quite a bit of money by bringing your own food. 

It is easy to look at the security of a full-time 9-to-5 job, but we tend to forget to look at the cost of those jobs. If your costs outweigh your benefits, maybe it is time to look for another job…

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