Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These 9 Unique Ideas (PLUS 8 kid-friendly activities to include the whole family!)

Valentine’s Day might be my favorite holiday. I love the cheesy hearts and forced signs of affection. I love that the stores are overflowing with flowers and one of those $20 bunches may end up on my dining room table. I have also learned to be very comfortable with buying my own flowers (since I am the one who loves them so much), besides what I REALLY LOVE from my husband on Valentine’s Day (or for any date) is creativity, a date made just for me because he knows it is a unique idea or activity that we will love. So, if you like creativity or need last minute ideas, here are 9 date/gift options for your honey and you plus 8 kid-friendly activities to make the best memories for your family this Valentine’s Day!

#love #valentine #day #quoteIdea #1 Roadtrip!! Literally, this is one is our favorite way to spend time together. Even just a few hours together getting to drive and enjoy being away from stress does wonders to our relationship. Arizona has the perfect weather right now for road trips.

Idea #2 Paint/Wine Night. These are hosted weekly in our artsy district of town. You bring your own canvas, they teach you to paint and you get a fun new picture to take home. It is a fun way to relax and learn something new or improve on your current skills.

Idea #3 Go To An Outdoor Festival. Right now in Arizona, there is an outdoor festival every weekend, food truck festivals are my favorites! Yes, we have weekend long festivals for food trucks and so many varieties and options! It’s amazing, you should move to Az just for that reason.


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Idea #4 Romantic Movie Night In. Both of us tend to stay so busy. Sometimes we just need a night in instead of a night on the town. Pick a movie (hey make it a chick-flick!), grab the popcorn, turn down the lights and get to cuddling


Idea #5 Gifts That Keep Giving: Subscription Boxes. These range in prices and what comes in them, but if you like a gift that they get to receive every month, this is the way to go! Here is a list of 60 different subscription boxes you can order for your loved one, and these subscription boxes are specifically for spoiling your man.

Idea # 6 Keep It Classy. Dress up, go out on the town to something classy. Our city has so many of the arts and there is always a full schedule of theater and symphony concerts and plays around Valentine’s Day. There is nothing like being able to go out and enjoy something different for a night. Or if you rather – pick a sports game and go to that, I would find that just as fun!

#quotes #love #valentinesday #flowers #youalwaysmakemyheartsmileIdea #7 Get It On In The Kitchen. Turn the love songs on, put on the aprons and make a mess in the kitchen. It’s fun to learn something new and see how it turns out. Need some new recipes? Check out this Pinterest board where I have repinned LOTS of recipes I intended to try out someday, note the future tense there.

Idea #8 – Breakfast Date. I love breakfast dates, I think it is sweet when my husband attempts to spend time with my grumpy and sleepy self. I prefer these over evening dates, because restaurants tend to be quieter in the morning than during dinner time.

Idea #9 Date Coupons. Like subscription boxes, these can spread out throughout the year and keep on giving. These can be anything from house chores to dance lessons to a spa day. It’s really simple – you create as many as you want, simply print them out (or hand write them) and your love can redeem them anytime they want.
Now don’t forget the kids! If you have kids, here are 8 ways to include the kids –

#kid #activity #activities #valentines #day #ideas #whattodoHearts Hunt – Hide paper hearts in a local park and let them find them.

Picnic – Everyone takes off and spends time eating outside and playing together.

Valentine’s Day Party – Feeling adventuresome? Take on babysitting for everyone else’s kids and throw a Valentine’s day party for the neighborhood.

Give Love – Teach them to give love by taking your kids to pass out sandwiches to the homeless.

Love Notes – Have everyone in the family write a love note and exchange them. Send some to grandparents too.+

Sweet Treats – Spend some time making some simple themed deserts such as heart-shaped brownies and cookies.

Coupon Dates – Both parents give date coupons for EACH kid to have 1-on-1 time.

Valentine’s Day Pictures – Get dressed up and take photos of the family each year on Valentines Day. Extra bonus parenting points if you make them all dress the same and get rolled eyes for it.

#quotes #truelove #kids #love #children #husbandNow I want to hear from you – which idea is your favorite? And share these ideas… Drop a loud and direct hint by sharing this blog with the one who is sharing Valentine’s Day with you this year!

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