8 More Side Jobs To Give You Financial Freedom… (and all of them include working with kids!)

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It’s Christmas evening, and we have ended our festivities for another year. It was another beautiful and memory making Christmas, we got wonderful presents and spent time with the ones we love the most. But it is evening now, so my husband is out working his ride-share gig job while I work writing gig from the computer.

As you have seen, we have a love for side work – it brings financial independence or fills in the gaps on tight months, it can be worked around our schedules and the income is directly related to how hard or how little you work. Do need a refresher for part 1 and part 2? Just click here part 1 and here for part 2.

Let’s look for extra income jobs for those who: Need a job that works around kid’s school schedule. Here are my favorite options –

High SChool Substitute Teacher's Guide: You Can Do This by Cherise Kelley
Need a little inspiration? Check out this book for great tips and ideas to help you succeed as a substitute teacher!

Substitute Teacher. Schools are in dire need of substitute teachers, and in Arizona, sub teaching only requires a Bachelor’s degree and a $60 certificate from the state. When I was teaching full time (I WAS a science teacher for 4 years, believe it or not), I made sure that my sub plans weren’t ‘actually teaching,’ they were writing papers or working on projects or reviewing for a test time. Just keep your cool and pretend to be in charge. Sub teaching is perfect if you can get in the same district or even the same school as your kids (because then it can double as checking on teenagers or embarrassing middle-schoolers, really a great gig!). Just make sure you come prepared with an ARSENAL of activities printed off in a classroom set of 30-40 copies (hint – Google is your best friend, and free printable is a great search phrase).

Medical Transport. We recommend Veyo as our favorite option, if it is available in your area. Now, this is still driving like Uber/Lyft. But there is a key difference – medical transport is working with insurances and helping people get to medical appointments. The hours for medical transport are usually 8am-5pm (doctor office hours), while Lyft/Uber hours will be late in the evening or really early in the morning, which does not work with a mom bringing kids to school. Make sure you are aware of any lifting or wheelchair accommodations needed for any medical transport company you chose.

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Thumbtack.com. Yes, it has its own category and here is why – Thumbtack.com is the Craig’s List of gig work. You set your hours, post your resume and people set up appointments. And it includes most everything you can think of that someone will pay for (in a good way!). Taskrabbit.com and care.com are other good ideas that allow you to post your skills and connect with people who need your help. Fiverr/Upwork are both writing, programming and virtual assistant type companies that are amazing for freelancers.

Serve No Master by Jonathan Green
Think you can run a home business from your idea? Check out this book for ideas and tips on how to serve no master and be your own boss.

Teaching Specialty Classes. Art. Singing. Piano. Cooking. Fitness. Kung Fu. Tutoring. Car Shop. Woodworking. Sewing. Sports. Coaching. Photography. Option 1 – after school or on the weekend. Option 2 – during school hours in schools or to home school kids. There is a huge market out there for teaching kids more than math and spelling. Heck, there is even a market for teaching adults at community colleges or through a community center/church. If someone taught you, another person needs to be taught. I have had both a crochet club and a science club that were a great success and I loved them!

Driving Kids To/From School. I haven’t done this yet, but my sister has done this, and I LOVE the idea! It won’t make you super rich (unless you get a van), but it may pay for gas or spending money for the week. If you buddy up with another parent whose kids are in the same activities, you may be able to help with carpooling to those events as well.

After School Care. These are usually at local schools, and they last from end of school until 7ish, so that parents have time to get off work and then go to pick their kids up. If you work in the after school program, make sure your kids get to stay for free, it would be silly if your earnings went right back to the after school program instead of to your pocket. Or start your own – get to know a few parents/families that your kids go to school with and charge a lower rate than the YMCA or the school, and there ya go! If you are able to pick the kids up, help with homework until parents get off work at 6, you will be a huge help to struggling parents.

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VIPKids. Now in full disclosure, I am PLANNING to start this soon, so it isn’t one from an experienced point of view. I’m waiting for when Baby Samson is born to start. It is competitive, requires at least a Bachelor’s, experience with kids and the willingness to be awake and tutoring super early morning through video conference. If you look at those requirements and think ‘no way,’ then skip on to another option. This company teaches elementary students to learn English. It is teaching, but it is also a refreshing job if you think you can do it.

Fostering. Be ready to have your heart broke a few times and try to mentally prepare yourself to deal with what these kids have been through, but if you can get licensed and think your heart can handle it, do it! They need you! Make sure you have a good support system, a really good one!

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Yes, this listing is more about working with children than the previous two postings did, but if your need is to work around your kids and their schedule, some of these ideas may work for you. If you are working around your kids, most of these options allow you to include your kids if needed. The thing with gig work is that it works with your needs, instead of you working to meet a company’s needs. That is the beauty of it, the reason so many of us love it and why you can find freedom with both work schedule and finances when you get into the gig world.

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  1. These are all great ideas and some I will use myself. I will also share with other friends I know want some pocket money. Thanks!

    1. Exactly!! It is amazing! The only drawback is that it takes more self discipline and focus to bring home your paycheck when it all depends on you instead of HR making sure you come in, but as long as you are dedicated it is amazing!

  2. This is really a great list of things that I hadn’t thought of before. I need to look into the medical driving option to see if that is in my area. It would be good for a little extra money and my experience as an EMT would be helpful there lol.

    1. That would be amazing, I know they have levels of medical transport, some just basic driving someone to a doctor’s appointment to driving people from one hospital to another or needing a bed lift. I hope you try it out and let me know how it goes! 🙂

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