8 Best Gift Boxes For Guys

I decided to do this first subscription box round-up right before Father’s Day, just in case you are like me and are perfectly okay giving a receipt showing that the gift is on it’s way. Anway, I set out to find some great boxes for guys, but I have found 29 boxes that would be great gifts for your guy (or as a gift for yourself!).

Now, when my hubby found out I was doing this series, he gave me permission to try out 1 subscription box this month (it is coming out of my ‘fun spending’ money, so budget is still okay, which is always a good thing!). Little does he know, I am going to surprise him and make it a gift box for him instead of me. So, out of the 29 guyish subscription boxes I found, I am only featuring the top 8 that I feel my husband would love.

Here is the fun part – YOU get to vote on what we are getting for my husband. That’s right! The box that gets the most votes in the comments is the one we are actually going to get. So here we go…

I found that there were many, many food and cooking options (such as GrillMasters, Sugarly, Bagel of the Month, ButcherBox, Wine Of The Month Club Inc., GreenBlender). However, I only added 1 of these options to this feature, since it seems to be the only food box I found he may like. Of the silly/manly subscriptions, I had to narrow it down a little bit, so these are not an option – FancySocks MonthlyBrickLoot Box (Legos delivered), Filter Easy Box (air filters delivered). I am also thinking he does not want anything fitnessy right now, so Nomadik, Fit Lifestyle and Keto Box are out of the running. However, I do think he would be interested in the clothing/cologone options, so those stayed in.


BattlBoxReasons my husband will like this one: It’s all about the rugged manly, man. Outdoor adventures, survival and tactical gear. Here are just a few of the options – Daycamp Box, Repair Anything Box, Mass Casuality Response Box, Self-Reliance Box, Bug-Out-Box, Self-Defense Box, Sniper Box, Jungle Survivor,… okay, maybe this one isn’t such a great idea? Is he going to turn my home into a jungle? Is it like a pop-up jungle?

Cost: $24.99 up to 149.99 (but use this link to get 15% of your purchase!)

Dispatch Breakout Games Box

Reasons my husband may like it – This is a mystery box challenge, the mystery is slowly explained over several boxes, with clues being given each month. This is an interactive box with clues in writing, on the web and in real life. Question – does that mean the story evolves in your own city? And what do you do if you really find a body at the end? Doesn’t this sound like a CSI show or what? Another perk to this one is that they have a kids version too, so you can do the regular version as a family or help the little ones do it on their own.

Cost – Each box (regular or kids) is $24.99 a month, but sign-up for their email and get a $10 discount on the first box.


MoviePass Subscription Service

Reasons the man would like it: Well, their own description explains that pretty well – any movie, any theater, any day… think Netflix, but pre-Netflix, as in still in the theaters… And I checked their map… they work with the Harkins down the street from us! Okay, maybe I need to just get this and get another subscription box for him, this literally pays for itself if you watch more than 1 move a month! I know there are at least 2 movies out that we want to see, so we already saved money!!!

Cost: $9.99 a person for unlimited in-theater movies!

Nextbigidea Box

Reasons hubby may like it: I am not sure if he will like this one or not, I am still debating it. This box is a subscription for self-help, inovator, entreprenial and business books and resources. They do offer a 2 week-free trial (CLICK HERE!), so you get a chance to review the resources they offer. Now here is something I like – they also donate books with each subscription, so that is really neat!

Cost: $7.42-$17.92


KOR Water Bottles And Filters

Save 20% on KOR+ Bottle and Filter SubscriptionWhy he will love it: This water bottle infuses H+ ions into the water, creating an on-the-go alkaline and antioxidant water system for you. The first month you get the water bottle and a filter, and every month you are sent a new filter. Now here is the thing – my husband buys alkaline water and loves filtered water. He has bought me several water bottles with filters, so I know he really appreciates them.

Cost: $30 the first month and $15 each month after, but click the picture for 20% off your first month.


Why he might like it: This box has several personalization options, including diet, gluten-free and vegan options. My husband has been vegan for years, so getting snacks delivered that fit his food choices is awesome to me! On top of the amazing options, the food is all non-GMO, is organic and natural full sized items (no sample servings here!). My only worry is that he has a big appitte, do you think it will last the whole month?

Cost: $19.99-$49.99 (“pro-snacker” size, aka – the one my husband needs!) and HEY!!! You can get a free box by clicking here!



Why my husband will absoluletly love this one: Very simple – he loves cologone and always gets the nice, expensive smelling type. To get a brand new luxurious cologone every month for only $13.95 a month is pretty incredible. You fill out a questionaire, they send samples that last a month and you decide if you want to buy a full sized version of the sample. Order, spray, smell and repeat.

Cost: $13.95 per month, but save 30% off the first month by using this link.


Big & Tall Why my husband might like this one: Think StitchFix for guys. He has a really great sense of fashion, but that can be expensive. This way, he gets new outfits every month to try out. The $20 monthly fee will go toward the purchase of the outfits if he wants to buy it. Otherwise, he just wears the items for the month (hopefully he changes his clothes a little bit during the month). You set your style preferences and your budget for each item they send you.

Cost: $20 a month (additional if you purchase instead of just leasing).

The Modern Man's Essential Grooming Kit (3)

Okay, what do you think? Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think we should start investing in?

PS – if you just decided to buy all of the options, thank you (I get paid a little with each sale, but only recommend options I would truely buy), however, you know we do finances normally on this blog, so maybe check out the rest of my blogs on budgeting resources to help you get back on track again…


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