4 Risks That Could Cost You A Fortune

If it often said that in life you have to take risks to succeed. This may be the case, but that does not mean that you have to be taking risks in your day to day lives. This advice is good for when you are starting a company or something similar to this, not when you are sitting in your living room or wandering around at night. So, here are four big risks that people take every day that could end up costing you a fortune.

Illegally Downloading


This is something that a lot of people do. Sometimes they do it so often that it can be easy to forget that what you are doing is illegal. Piracy is a crime, and you can be taken to court for this. If you are found guilty, you will either be given a large fine to pay or in severe cases, you may be facing some jail time. Bear in mind that if you do manage to avoid jail, this fine is going to hit your finances hard. It is not going to be a small fine that you will be able to pay off easily, you are looking at up to $250,000.

Even if you could pay that fine, don’t forget that it is possible to get a jail sentence with your fine. For those of you who don’t have this kind of cash spare, hopefully, you will think about this next time you decide to download something illegally.

Road Rage


You may not think that this one is going to be serious. But there have been a lot of criminal cases concerning road rage. We are not talking about you making hand gestures in your car, even though this is something you shouldn’t do as your hand should be on the wheel. We are talking about when you get so angry that you follow someone and wait for them to get out of their car so that you can have an argument with them. In the eyes of the law, this can count as assault, and you can be facing a pretty hefty fine if you are found guilty.


This one is always going to be a gamble. There is no way to be certain whether or not an investment is going to pay off and if you have the money to spare then this might be right for you. However, if money is tight and you don’t really have anything to be playing with, you should rethink investing. If you are doing this to make a little extra cash but can’t afford to lose the money, then you should walk away from the idea of investing.

Living Above Your Means


By this, we are talking about things that you do when you know you can’t afford to do them. For example, you might find a mobile phone contract that you really like and decide to purchase this. You should only do this if you know that you are able to fit it in the budget and make the payments when they are due. If you can’t, and you purchase the contract anyway, then you are living past your means, and this could end up costing you thousands. If you fail to pay something like a phone contract or a credit card, the interest rate will rise, and eventually, you will find yourself in a situation that you will never get out of.

We hope that you find this advice useful and will consider the risks that you are taking and how they can impact your finances before you take it.


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