41 Everyday People Give Their Best Financial Advice!

I have been blogging for weeks about our financial trials/triumphs and awesome experiences with side hustling and learning to budget, so I thought I would gather the input of friends and fellow bloggers (39 to be exact!) on what their favorite and best 1-sentence financial advice would be…. Here are their favorite 1-liners to turn your money around…

Stacey – “The people who are the richest usually don’t look it.” (check out her blog, The Higdon’s Happy Home)

Julia from Unbreakable Joy – “Buy things at the end of the season, never at the start!”

Cheryl – “Having an emergency fund is a Murphy’s Law repellent.”

Rose of CAKE AND PARTY DIY – “Sacrifice everyday luxuries like cable, wifi, and expensive coffees to pay off debt.”

Jennifer – “Pay with cash!” (read more at My Creative Manner)

Julie from All About Self-Employment – “Teach your teens about personal finance.”

Vanessa – “Think before you spend.” (check out Creative Money Masters for more)

Kristopher – “Cutting expenses increases profits.”

Tabi – “You don’t need to buy the name brand food staples.” (read her blog at http://themidwesternkitchen.wordpress.com)

Marissa of Simpli Sanders – “Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, because the Joneses are broke.”

Mae – “Don’t even meet the Joneses!” (read more of her thoughts at Nerd And Change).

Michelle – “Before you buy something… go home and sleep on it first.” (check out her blog at – https://www.moxieforthesoul.com)

Ruric – “Debt is dumb.”

Jenny – “Spend less, save more – be more present!” (check out more of her thoughts at http://www.thistinybluehouse.com)

Clarissa – “Create a budget and learn to stick to it.”(find more of her wisdom at ClarissaExplainsItAll.net)

Stephanie – “Diversify your earnings!” (check out her blog at www.thediaryofadebutante.com)

Whitney – “Follow your passion and the money will come!” (find more of her thoughts at rootedinhealing.net)

Molly – “Live like you’re broke.”

Brittany – “Don’t live in the now.” (check out her blog at www.raisingrichmonds.com)

Natashia – “Make sure your credit is always good.” (read more of her advice at http://momsmission.org/)

Jennifer – “Use credit cards to earn points strategically…” (find more of her financial advice at Smartfundiy.com)

Sarah – “Contribute to your emergency savings every month, no matter how small.” (check her blog out at www.birchlandinghome.com)

Mattie – “Pay your savings account before anything else.” (find more of her thoughts at https://growingthegivens.com)

Amanda – “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.”

Daphne – “Just because it’s on sale, clearance, or you have a coupon doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal….” (check out her financial blog at www.savingsdonesimply.com)

Jennifer – “Sacrifice today so you don’t have to tomorrow!” (read her blog at www.bachelorettepadflip.com)

Doreen – “Getting pre-approval for a mortgage will give you more negotiating power with the seller as you are a “sure-thing” and not a gamble.” (check out her thoughts at https://northernquarters.blogspot.com/)

Stephanie – “Save money, time, and food when you make a meal plan and stick to it.” (check out her ideas at www.youaremysonshine.com)

Nia – “If its not on the list, it’s not in the cart!!!” (check out her wisdom at www.perspectiveschange.com)

Rondi – “Invest in assets, not liabilities. Know the difference!”

Kendra – “Check your bank account balance daily.” (find her blog at – www.kendraandco.ca)

Cori – “Live on half your income.” (check out her blog at http://talesfromapolkcountygirl.com)

Laura – “Act your wage.”

Brandy – “Make as much from scratch as possible.” (find her made from scratch blog here http://teaspoonofgoodness.com/)

Diana – “Live like no one else.” (read her blog at www.dianaonadime.com)

Carolyn – “Start early!” (find her thoughts at www.lifeofcarolyn.com)

Yolonda – “Pay yourself first!” (check out her blog at https://kitchenyolonda.com)

Cait – “Don’t ever let money be the reason you miss out on something.” (find more of her wisdom at www.modernmanipulations.com)

Crosby – “Children do what feels good in the moment. Adults make a plan and execute it.”

So there it is! The best that I could gather! What would YOU add as your favorite 1-liner for financial advice? Drop it as a comment below!

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