Birthday Parties That Don’t Break The Budget

Once you become a parent, it seems that living expenses just keep going up. Basic shelter, food, clothes and medical are expected, but one big expense we forget about is the birthday parties.

But don’t worry too much – there is no reason to get into debt just so you can plan the perfect birthday for your child. There are plenty of ways you can bring down the overall cost of their birthday. Read on to find out more!

Change The Venue

The most expensive part of planning a child’s birthday is the location you pick to have  their party. Even just a pizza party at Peter Pipers is about $10 a head, and as the parent, you are expected to pay for all the guests. Think of the cost if you had older kids or wanted a bigger event. Here are some options – 1) Do a family only outing (try a pass from CityPass or IVEnture. 2) Host at your house with games and movies and call it a day. 3) Go to a park or other outdoor venue where everyone can hang out and have fun without the cost. 

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Simplify The Menu

The food is also expensive. One option is to cook it all yourself, but that takes a lot of time. Best options for a party – finger/snack food and favorite easy foods (aka – mac and cheese w/ hotdogs). If you are cooking, one option is to have the guests help, such as a themed party on cooking cupcakes or pancakes. Another really great solution, is that you can simply plan a potluck dinner! This way, all of the guests will bring a dish to add to the buffet. Not only will this prove to be cost-effective, but it will also ensure there’s a wide range of dishes  all the guests to enjoy!

Bake Your Own Cake

If you have ever gone to a bakery to price a cake, you will know that they can be quite overpriced. Even the simplest cakes on sale at supermarkets can seem a little on the expensive side as well. And don’t even consider cupcakes or specialty items, they are triple the price. The cheapest option is that you just need to bake your own! Don’t panic, it can be easy to bake a great birthday cake even if you don’t have too much baking experience. As long as you follow a recipe step by step, there is little room to go wrong! 

Consider Where To Buy Gifts 

Birthday gifts do not have break the bank! If you can’t afford to spend a huge amount on birthday gifts for your child, you might want to look online rather than go shopping in person. Most stores put some of their best deals and discounts online only. It’s also a good idea to look at some review websites if you want a specialty, niche gift. For instance, if you wanted to get your child a remote-controlled toy, you could see My Rctopia for info on where the best places to buy from are. Another great idea is to buy a subscription box for your kids, such as SockPanda, Little Passports or KidsStir, this allows them to keep getting gifts all year long. If you are on a very strict budget, you could even look in second-hand stores and charity shops for some cheap gifts. 

Do A Joint Party

My family has alot of nieces and nephews. Not only is it time consuming to go to all the parties, it can be expensive in the sense of hosting, even when using the above tips. If you have a large family or their friends all have birthdays in the same month, maybe a joint party would be a good idea. This cuts down on all the expenses, as the parents can share the cost.

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Hopefully, all of these tips can help you plan an affordable birthday that your child will enjoy! 

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#birthdayparties #DIY #frugal #parties #children #kids #parenting #budgeting #savingmoney #tips

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  1. We do joint parties, too. We celebrate all the birthdays in a particular month by going to my parents’. Everyone brings food, the kids play, adults talk. It is fun.

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