5 “Mama Bear” Instincts Your Child Needs To See From You…

When you become a mom you suddenly realize what it’s like to love somebody unconditionally; you would do anything for your little one, no matter what the situation is. You develop a second nature which means you are fiercely protective and caring at all times.

When times get rocky in your family or when you have a loved one goes in the hospital, you are expected to be the rock of the family. Your job is to look after those little ones through thick and thin, which is why having these mama bear traits are actually a good thing to for your kids.


Your instincts tell you to protect your children no matter what, so when you are suddenly faced with a life altering problem you quickly realize what’s important. All you care about is the safety of your kids, even during times when you are unsure of what is going to happen or how a situation will work out (if you find yourself in a legal battle of any kind, check out this link on how to protect your children https://www.dicksonlegal.com/seattle/family-law-attorney/). As the mother, you do what you can to always protect your children and that is why they know they are safe with you.


You are bound to worry about your child no matter what situation you are in. Mothers tend to worry as a form of love, because they want the best for their kids. Whether they are starting school or growing up, every possibility will be whirring around your mind. Try not to worry about possibilities or eventualities, because you don’t need to heighten your anxieties any more by worrying about things that may not happen. Of course, you can’t always help it, but you will find a way to be a little calmer during these times.


Tea is Always a Good IdeaYou want to help your child through everything and anything they go through. Your job as a mom is to let them make mistakes and learn from them the hard way. Admittedly, it isn’t always easy to watch, but they will become stronger in the process.

Showing Encouragement

You admire your child’s intelligence, resilience and courage on a daily basis. You are so proud of what they achieve in their social life and education, you could burst with pride. Admiring your child is a normal feeling so you’re not the only mom who feels this way all the time.

Expressing Love

Showing your kids how much you love them is very easy for you; you want to shower them with love and praise at every possible moment. It is so important that our children grow up to feel loved and adored as they will pass this on to their own children in time. There is no shame in expressing your emotions and you are teaching your child this too.

So,yes, your mama bear instincts are completely normal and you should be proud of them. You are the best parent in the world who is able to support their child, protect them and show them unconditional love every single day.

Mama Bear, Your Baby Needs To See Those Instincts From You

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