The Search For Happiness… and How To Find True Happiness

Happiness is often the goal that many of us search for in life. As long as we’re smiling and having a good time, we often don’t think about anything else. This pursuit of happiness ultimately changes the way we approach life.

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5 Powerful Attitudes To Get Money Breakthroughs…

It’s not the past that defines us; what defines is how we strive to put the past behind us. If you are in a financially messy state (really, who isn’t?), then it’s tempting to lament the decisions that lead you to that position. But really, what does that get you? You’ll be in a looping guilt trip, and all the while, you will be doing nothing to ensure you’re able to move toward reaching your financial goals. Let’s look to creating change instead. It’s much better to adopt a can-do mindset, and tackle any issues head-on. Here’s how you do it.

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How To Go From Broke To Prosperity

Have you ever thought that maybe your problems with money go beyond hating to budget or not being able to save? Be it a pattern taught (or not taught) by your parents or slowly created over time through bad habits, it could be that your finances are to the point where you need therapy to get out of it.

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