3 Things You Need To Understand About Bankruptcy…

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From time to time, we have to assess our attitude toward our possessions and if it’s truly worth getting in so much debt over. Our lives are so expensive, but we can find ourselves easily overwhelmed by credit card debt, loans, and ultimately, defaulting on our bill payments.

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15 Jobs in Less Than 12 Years… But, WHY?



“How many jobs have you held in your life?” Everyone I have asked this is on one extreme or the other. Either they only had a few jobs in their lifetime or they were changing jobs every few months like I have done. Here is the short list of jobs I have held – teacher, English/Math tutor, copywriter, cancer researcher, marketing coordinator, barista, waitress, customer service at a bookstore, cashier at a university cafe, after school helper, preschool aid, fitness center front desk help, administrator assistant, claims investigator, courier driver, author, ride share driver, flower and ‘fruit basket’ deliverer, direct sales distributor, summer camp organizer and blogger.

I knew I oversaw my destiny…

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