5 Tips to Help Your Attitude About Budgeting…

5 Tips to Help Your Attitude About Budgeting…

Make a plan – Don’t attack as soon as they get off work, I know – it’s been on your mind all day and you have been running numbers all day and it isn’t working out. But heck, maybe they were thinking about food and need to eat first. Try a text mid-day to warn that budget meeting is expected.

Don’t complain – It is much easier to just focus on negative, try only speaking positively over your finances and budget. Focus on the small improvements. Find ways to be happy and thankful, in the very least, it will help you feel better.

Don’t react – Reacting doesn’t help, and most of the time it doesn’t actually convey what the actual issue is. Wait a while, calm down and think through your emotions. Why are you reacting the way you are? What is the real issue?

Be clear – Is there a solvable problem or are you just stressed? Learn the difference, take the time to think it through and make your communication very clear.  It does no one any good if you are all emotions and no solution.

Make it fun – Part of the problem with budgeting is that we tend to make it stressful, so reverse the pattern. Find something fun to make it more enjoyable – Cake? Icecream? Alcohol? “Adult-time?” Date night?
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  1. Loved the tips – especially those relating to small steps and making it fun / rewarding yourself! Budgeting can be daunting but once you break it down into small chinks it’s so much easier 🙂

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