How to Stay In Peace While Pursuing Goals 

Finances, as we keep discussing, tends to create stress. Even when everything is working good and the budget is perfect, as you push yourself toward growth and new goals, you may feel your peace slipping away and being replaced by stress and rush.  Here are some ways to make sure that doesn’t happen –

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1) Pause. If you feel stress, take a second or a few and just pause. Take a breath and relax.

2) Be Grateful. While you pause focus on the blessings you have and ways money and dreams ARE working out.

3) Focus On Thinking Positive. Make it a point to believe and reach for your goals instead of thinking the ‘what if’s.’ Never stop dreaming!

4) Get A Game Plan. Don’t allow emotions to decide your direction. Growth must be intentional, so focus on clearly stated and obtainable goals, write it down!

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12 thoughts on “How to Stay In Peace While Pursuing Goals 

  1. Check, check, check all!

    Worrying and stressing sure isn’t going to change the situation but it can definitely affect the outcome.

    Therefore it is important to stop over thinking and drive yourself nuts!

    Stop, breathe, say thanks and perhaps “I got this!”.

    Thinking & feeling positive is a much better idea right? 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing babe! I definitely need these tips of yours. I totally agree with not to overthink too much. Whenever I feel stress and couldn’t sleep, I usually take a deep breath for 7 seconds, 5 seconds hold, and 7 seconds exhale.😊 Taking a deep breath is one of the effective ways to relax yourself. Visit my blog to know my ways on keeping myself relax and re-energize after work!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I have just recently been told by a couple of people that I stress too much about achieving certain goals and put too much pressure on myself as a result. I guess I need to just pause, be grateful for everything around me and just carry on 🙂

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